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As a quiet child who rarely had the courage to speak my mind, I picked up a pen and asked for a diary. Writing became a source of detox; an escape and down time that truly helped me grow. Lauzieslifestyle is not about being aspirational. I used to believe in trying to be the “perfect woman”, until I realised how much that concept was a myth. This lifestyle is one where your interests can flourish.

Through my absolute love of writing, I want to share all that I can and create a place filled with wealth and knowledge, with people who inspire my passions.

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy!


Laura is a trained makeup artist with five years of experience under her belt. With credits in editorial and film, Laura is now expanding her portfolio of work, writing and modelling. In 2003, diagnosed with severe scoliosis, she underwent six spinal surgeries and became known at her hospital, for being one of the fastest recovering patients. That determination continues and in 2016, she transformed her lifestyle and is now a health advocate.