Behind the scenes at my video shoot


This was my first time shooting a video which much to my education, differs greatly from photography. There has to be constant movement, it has to flow freely, you have to act and yet you need to look natural.

The video is a mix of urban and classic street style with homage to retro ads and videos in the 80’s. All done artistically. This will be out and posted in a few weeks. Below is an interview with my cinematographer who has also worked as a photographer.

How much input do you like a model to have before a shoot and during?

“I personally like models to have their own ideas. Models who understand the art can provide some great input that I may not have thought of. In terms of when I like that input, I prefer this to happen during because that’s the creative process happening right there”.

Can a model do anything to prepare for a shoot beforehand?

“Models who are prepared will always give the best shots for any project. If a model understands how cameras can create an illusion and not necessarily capture the moment, that can help them prepare for their modelling career. Looking at images and posing in front of the camera can also be helpful”.


What advice would you give models looking for work with photographers/cinematographers?

“I would advise to look into their work and what their reputation is like with others who have worked with them. Sometimes it can be beneficial to show them that you admire their work and understand what they are trying to create. It’s good to remember, there is always a demand for models and every model can offer something different”.

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