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Audrey Hepburn inspired makeup


Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ makeup is so iconic, that I wanted to recreate it. At the same time, it is very overdone. Countless videos are already out there. Rather than trying to mimic it precisely, I decided to put my own spin on it; going for more of a pinkish tone to the eyes and lips. As you can see, I look nothing like Audrey! She is however, one of my favourite stars from Old Hollywood whose makeup I have always admired. I have used some inexpensive cosmetics for today’s look that I will mention with the prices.

With my foundation, I like to apply on my hand first so it warms up, and then use my fingers (as shown in the photo) to blend it up and out. It’s always better to blend outwards! In addition, I take a buffing brush and buff round the face to make sure it is all blended. Remember not to rub as this can irritate the skin. I have seen people before be too harsh with their skin, and then they overcompensate the immediate redness that follows, by applying more product than they really need.

1484156475282To keep your eyeshadow on, apply your foundation over your eyelid; take an eyeshadow brush and press powder over the top after. Be sure to press along the crease line. It doesn’t matter what eyeshadow you buy, if you follow this method, it should stay put all day. If you find the shadow is wearing away throughout the day; use more powder. Our under eye area is about 30% thinner than the rest of the skin on our face. Our eye base, is one of the oiliest. You can have oily skin or dry, either way your eyelid area will benefit greatly by pressing powder onto it before shadow. There are eyeshadow primers, but this to me is the best method.

Although Audrey was not wearing bronzer in the film, I did do a bit of contouring. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with her bone structure! The blush I used is from Avon and it’s called ‘ideal luminous blush’ in shade peach. On Amazon, it comes up as being £4.89. I am not sure why it’s named peach because it is quite a strong pink. I am impressed by the quality though.

I used another very affordable product from the company Makeup Obsession. This was a set palette but you can buy palettes starting at £4 for the actual case, and £2 each for each eyeshadow. The pigments can be quite messy, you have to treat the set as if it was stamped: fragile. Apart from that, I really enjoyed using this. The colours have a good pigment; which means when I pressed it onto my eyes, the colour was strong. For the eye base, I used the creamy pink (the one my brush is on) and applied across the entire eye. I then used a blending brush and took the light brown shade (directly below the pink) and applied across my crease.

For eyeliner-a black kohl with a slight flick and then a dark brown eyeshadow pressed on top.

There are not many mascaras that I have yet to try. Funnily enough, I prefer drugstore brands over department store. I believe the pricier ones are more concerned about clumping, so the formulas are not as strong. L’oreal is a good mascara brand in my opinion, as well as Max Factor. This one costs just over £10. I do have a YSL one at home which I have to say on the other hand, is a good product.

I apply my mascara by tilting my head back to keep the wand as far away as possible from my eyelid. Once I coat them through-making sure I wiggle the brush, I take the tip and directly point it towards the end of my eyelashes. This can open up the eyes more.

To start with, I applied a Dior lipliner in shade ‘Rose Eclat’-number 362, then followed by using a Rimmel Kate lipstick-number 03. The lipstick costs just over £5.

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