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Fitness interview on training, motivation and getting in shape

Florian-he much prefers ‘Flo’, has over 10,000 followers on his instagram where he flaunts his hard earned abs. In his thirties and still committed to being in shape; I interviewed him about how he manages to keep fit.

1.How do you stay in shape?
“I try to eat low carb all the time. No carbs in the evening and no alcohol at home”.


2. How do you stay motivated?
“This is the most difficult. The best motivation is your own success. For example, I did a run with my company and all the younger guys said “come on Flo, just for fun. We will wait for you’. They are up to ten years younger than me, but I was the first to win”.

3. Do you take any supplements?
“Yes. After work I take protein shakes and before a workout I take creatine, BCAA powder and glutamine powder”.


4. When it comes to cardio, how much do you do per week?
“I hate cardio! I look at my apple watch and I do about 10,000 steps a day. In the gym, I do cardio once a week and if I have eaten a lot, I may add an extra session”.

5. Did it take you long to get into shape?
“I have been training for eight years. I wouldn’t class myself as ‘hardcore’. I do not track anything like food. After christmas, I need about two or three months to get back to my ideal.

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