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MUA Tips: Fast makeup


As a makeup artist, I use to work in a company where I would have to do full makeovers in twenty minutes. Whether that be a smokey eye or a simplistic look. Below are some top tips to look flawless when in a rush.

Skip the base shadow

For a ‘no makeup-makeup look’, skip the base shadow and just use your foundation or concealer with powder. To add some definition, grab a blending brush and a bronzer-or colour a few shades darker than your skin tone, and blend along your crease. For even more definition, be sure to blend across the entire crease so it goes near the inner corner of your eye.

Dab on your lipstick

If you want colour on your lips without the hassle of lipliner; choose a lipstick and apply by dabbing. I like to then add on vaseline and smooth it over with my fingers, to create a more ‘lived in’ natural effect. A good pink is always a nice alternative to red. Look for one that has a hint of coral too it.

Apply foundation correctly

People can make the mistake with their foundation of either applying too much, applying too much in the wrong areas and actually over blending. I know the Instagram trend seems to be-more is more, but most makeup artists I have assisted believe your natural skin is always best. I had severe acne so that wasn’t always the case for me, but even now, my cheeks need more coverage than my chin. Infact, if you have oily skin, if you do not have any ‘imperfections’ in areas of your T-zone, use a lot less foundation than you would on your cheeks. In theory, you should only use two pumps of your foundation for your entire face, with concealer to than cover more specific areas.

When people are rushing, they tend to rub and that can make you go slower, plus cause redness. When covering areas like blemishes or scars, apply the concealer in the centre of it, and then blend around. Dry skin can stop foundation from blending smoothly. I suggest applying foundation immediately after your moisturiser if this is the case. You can always mix your foundation with your moisturiser, but this will cause a lighter consistency.

Use the right products

If you want to look ‘done up’ without having to spend too long applying products; concealer and liquid highlighter are your best friends. A liquid highlighter gives your skin a luxurious glow. To create a dewy effect, mix the highlighter in with your foundation. Anyone with oily skin should avoid applying the product on their T-zone (places where your skin starts to shine). Under the eyebrows, on your cheekbones, under your temples, above your eyebrows, just under the nose and in the centre of your nose are perfect places to highlight.

Less products, less hassle

In a short amount of time, do not try to put on as many products as possible, in an attempt to cover up the fact you were rushing. It’s far better to ensure your skin looks good-well blended, with an area of your face to focus on. For example, if you are going for a strong eye, put most of your attention on making that look amazing.

The less products you use, the less hassle. Look for products that are more -two in one. Blusher with a shimmer, palettes that contain blusher and bronzer, creamier based lipsticks or tinted lip balms.


Choose colour

Unless you are going for an ‘undone-done’ look (you want to look like you have just woken up, but you have woken up looking flawless) make your eyeshadow stronger than usual. I love applying a good pink across my base because with creams and neutral shades, I find you have to put in more work to get the right look. Even a flush of a good pink on the cheeks can make you look more awake.

Avoid matte

Matte eyeshadows are much harder to blend than shimmer-this includes lipsticks. A matte colour shows more mistakes and is more high maintenance. Shimmer doesn’t have to mean extreme glitter or sparkles!

11 thoughts on “MUA Tips: Fast makeup

      • Hi! I have one other question. For oily skin with some acne scars would you recommend using a beauty blender or a brush? If a brush, should I be using tapping motions of circular motions? Thanks ( :

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        • You basically described my skin 😦 lol. You can use either. The main thing with covering-whether blemishes or scars, is to always blend around it. The beauty blender will absorb more product though. So if you have the odd scars on your face, the sponge can help but if you have lots of little acne scars together, I would probably use a brush to avoid taking away product. Where do you have scars if you don’t mind me asking? Do you have them on your T-zone?

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        • I have scars/acne right under where you would highlight (cheek bone area) and then I have post acne marks around my chin area.


        • I think you said you have oily skin, so I would use a damp beauty blender across your face but when you go to conceal your scars, if you can blend around them without the sponge touching other scars (if that makes sense) use the beauty blender otherwise at the end, just apply product on the scars and use a brush to blend round.


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