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Makeup: What’s sexy?

A quick google search will inform you it’s all about the eyes-specifically smoky. Psychology will tell you it’s about enhancing features that men find attractive. Men themselves, might tell you they like it natural. Do we ever do makeup to look sexy? Is it about ourselves or impressing other women? And do we believe there is a look that coincides?

One of my first modelling jobs involved lingerie. I immediately tried to mimic the notion of sex appeal – mouth open (I do actually have an overbite), stomach sucked in, doing somewhat suggestive poses. The photographer looked at me and said, “no. Don’t pose like that”. Every modelling job I have landed, I have had a photographer who wants me to pose different. They all have their own conceptions on what sex appeal is. Not to say I have only ever done “sexy” shoots, but the ideas they put across all seemingly differ. None have ever asked me to do what I assumed were the right characteristics.

People on the makeup chair tend to want three things: smoky eyes, red lips or defined contouring. I think what we assume is beautiful, is more to do with society and the images projected. You can imagine the fashion pages telling us defined thin eyebrows are back in,
and seeing a spike in the purchase of tweezers. Ignoring magazines, quotes on what men like and the psychology of sexy; it all leads to that big word: confidence.


Beauty and sex can be put together – confidence is one of the key elements that links them. It’s the first thing you need when thinking about what’s sexy. That is my firm belief. The second is, knowing what your best features are. Old Hollywood stars may have all worn red lipstick, but individually their appearances were all about making them look their best. Audrey Hepburn stated she didn’t like her nose-she thought it was too big. But her makeup artist does not contour it away. Instead he makes you notice her big eyes, her chiselled cheekbones. I had to do this when my acne was in full effect. Even now, my skin is not the greatest, so I play up other features in the hopes they distract from the truth.

My third belief when it comes to the idea of sexy, is to not be afraid of shunning what society states. Orange or purple lipstick can look hot, as can rosy cheeks and purple shadow. It does not always have to be red or smoky, it can be anything that makes you feel good.

Beauty, sex appeal – that is personal. What I may deem attractive another may consider the opposite. I believe women are more comfortable admitting they want to impress other women, as opposed to men. I think some define sexiness from a particular decade they try to recreate, and others go by their own preferences. We all have an opinion, but a person whose confident, emphasising their own beauty and following their own rules, is surly doing makeup that’s sexy.

Do you believe there is a set look for achieving sex appeal? And what’s your favourite go to beauty look, when wanting to impress?

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