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Fitness interview with Title Boxing Club member


Jason-or as his 6,000+ Instagram members know him as “i_eat_spinach”, is a title boxing club member, yogi and marathon runner. I am continually inspired by his yoga poses, his photos of his running map, and the fact he loves dogs, makes him a winner in my book. I wanted to find out all about his diet, his fitness prep, and how he acquires his motivation.



“I prep for the week and not the weekends. I have a cheat day Saturday, and Sunday I eat clean. I plan my workout schedule Sunday-what title boxing classes I want to attend and how long I want to run. Prepping takes an hour or two. I prep breakfast, lunch and dinner. I keep it the same but change-up spices. I usually eat grapes for breakfast. Turkey chilli is a go-to for lunch (turkey, tomatoes and chilli powder). For dinner I cook a pan of chicken but I don’t prep my side dishes. This is generally some kind of greens”.


“I base my diet off the ‘Whole30 program’ ( I’m a pollotarian (avoid red meat and meat from any land mammals) and I find this works for me. I eat greens at almost every meal-spinach and broccoli being my favourite. I really recommend smoothies. I like strawberries, cherries, bananas and grape juice. I’m using pea protein which is awesome and I highly recommend chia seeds to be added to water and drank before, during, and after a workout”.



“I think we set our own limitations for ourselves a lot of the time. If we are able to envision a task in our heads we can succeed. I think a positive attitude is vital for a healthy life-mentally and physically. It’s important to tell yourself during your workout to keep pushing. Turn off your negative thoughts in your head. I believe if you believe in yourself than you will get better results. Dig deep-think about why you started. Maybe it’s something personal to you that makes you want to be on this earth longer. Perhaps it’s love. Things like that make me want to stay on track and achieve more”.



“Set goals. Always have a plan and a backup plan. My first goal was to run 5k. That does not have to be the case for the next person, but I think it’s great to have something to train for with some kind of reward. ¬†Rest days and cheat days are important as well”.

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