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Makeup: step by step to smokey eyes


A smokey eye is purely a blended eye so technically any colour or style can pass. When you smoke something out, it becomes classed as smokey (sounds very common sense I know). Nevertheless, a smokey eye with grey/black tones is a classic and the best thing about it, it is far easier to achieve then it may look. This is a lived in, messy effect so no need for precision. Hence, fewer possibilities for mistakes.



I would start with the eyes first for two reasons. The first being that the eyeshadow pigment will fall under your eyes. The second, when you blend your foundation in after, it creates a softer finish which I believe is more desirable. I prepped my eyes with foundation and powder, then applied this “Bourjois Colorband 2-in-1 eyeshadow and liner” in shade “grid graffiti”. Online, this comes up as £5.99. I love this stick. It leaves a smooth effect, although I probably would not wear it on it’s own. It works better as a base with other eyeshadow.


Creamy eyeshadow pens really bring this look to life. However, you can find a similar eyeshadow pigment. Sweep across your lid and do not worry at this point about blending.



I went for a Lancome eyeshadow palette. You will need a matte black eyeshadow and a medium grey-something similar to the middle shade.


Take the black and a small eyeshadow brush, and tap across the outer edge of your eye. Once this is covered, use the excess on the brush to bring the black more towards the middle. Blend using a blending brush.



Use your bronzer and a fluffy blending brush, and apply directly across your crease. A bronzer helps to add some warmth. Using a brown eyeshadow will not work as well because the shade will most likely be too pigmented.


This is  really where you get to blend. Remember this is the kind of look that does not require precision. It does however, need to be well blended with no harsh lines. Blend the black on the lid and then blend around the bronzer.


Going back to the medium grey eyeshadow colour I spoke about on step 2, use a small eyeshadow brush again, and apply across the top of your eyelid. The brush really needs to be small so it avoids going into your crease. Use the bronzer almost as a guide and apply just below. Then use your blending brush and blend upwards. Take each section and keep blending in upward motions until the shadow becomes soft.



If you struggle with eyeliner, this look can help camouflage any mistakes. Take a fine brush, lift your eyelid and blend a black line with black eyeshadow. Then take either a pencil or gel eyeliner and draw a line over it.


As you can see, my liner is a little smudged. I would not advise drawing a flick as I think the idea of a perfect flick goes against the lived in effect.


I recommend lashings of mascara! Also take a fine brush and apply colour under your eyes. Use your fingers to soften.



When your eyeshadow is complete, take some moisturiser or eye makeup remover and wipe under your eyes with a cotton pad. A beauty blender was my tool for this look. I found it easier to blend around the eyes instead of a brush. If you have any imperfections, after blending, apply foundation again onto these areas and blend with a brush. Sometimes a beauty blender can take away coverage.



I avoided using blusher as I thought it would be too overpowering. I used a bronzer to add warmth followed by my Benefit “Sugarbomb face powder” to highlight.



  • BLEND, BLEND BLEND! This look needs to be soft and smokey eyes are really about blended eyes.
  • I would not use any shimmer under the eyebrows. Instead, use a concealer a shade or two lighter than your skintone, as a natural highlight.
  • Avoid going too heavy on your eyebrows.


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