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Makeup look: red lips and plum eyes


Red lipstick is a bold statement. Almost a touch of Marmite-you either love it, or you don’t believe it suits you. In my eyes, there is a shade for everyone and it does not need to be accessorised with nude colours. Plum tones can work fantastic with red. To keep it somewhat understated, avoid bright shadows.


I chose this Mac palette “Burgundy Times Nine”, to create soft eye makeup.  I am not someone who is obsessed with Mac products, but their eyeshadows are one of my favourites.


I took the bottom middle colour-which is more of a pink, and pressed it onto my lid.


I then took a plum colour (make sure your colour is matte) and with a blending brush, blended across my crease. When I reached my outer edge, I used the excess on my brush and blended out. I applied under my eyes as well with a small application brush.


After putting on mascara, I tidied up my eyeshadow by take a matt cream shade and pressed it under my eyebrows followed by blending.


My lipstick is “Dubonnet” from Mac.


  • I used a tiny bit of gold on the inner corner, but try to make sure your eyeshadow is mostly matt.
  • Keep your cheeks natural with not too much bronzer or blush. A simple contouring shade would work well.
  • Bright red lips can be overpowering. While a deeper shade of red may seem to be more bold, with this eyeshadow it can actually be more complimentary.


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