Chasing dreams you aspire too


Behind the scenes. Photographer: Robert Billing

“The best thing I ever did was to work on myself”. That’s a repetitive quote, potentially one I created or one I took from somewhere but I cannot recall. Either way, it stands true.

Many years ago now, I had an address book with notepad paper at the back. I wrote down a list of all my goals. Or I should I say, my materialistic goals. Extreme success, money, objects. Somewhat true-I still want to vacation in luxury apartments five times a year (minimum). I never wrote what I aspired too, as a person. There I was with bouts of insecurity, no confidence, and I never once mentioned anything related to that.


Dreaming of achieving your potential, is something that changes your outlook. The minute I got into shape and pushed myself to do modelling, to write this blog and to not try to become something else, it felt like I gained the satisfaction I had been trying to chase with luxury items.

Besides all the things you may envision, how do you see yourself growing? Is it related to fitness, or confidence, or even skill? I am determined to learn Spanish this year! Set your own personal dreams; imagine someone telling you, that you could evolve in any way, what would make you more fulfilled? Take baby steps and work towards it. Contentment as a person can come from the dreams you develop.

And on a personal note, the bigger you dream, the less people believe. I don’t set goals with the hope of being the best at them. I love the quote the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes said; “my dream is to keep going forward and never go backwards”. It’s about challenging yourself and going beyond expectations. Your dreams may not end as you dream, but striving and growing towards them, will forever define who you are.


Still from art film. Videographer: Rev Jackson


4 thoughts on “Chasing dreams you aspire too

  1. True true true!

    Personal goals-tiny, medium or huge are important. Accomplishing even tiny goals will give us the confidence to push further to expand our potential.

    Productivity is the key to a contended life.

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