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Makeup look: A classic red lip


One of my first makeup blog posts was a look centred around red lips. To see this look click: Makeup look: Red lips

This look has an almost French vibe. I will write down the steps and hopefully you are most likely to have everything you need, and anyone with any skin colour can pull this off. At the bottom, I have included some tips.



I went a little bit heavier than usual on the foundation and I used two different colours-one a shade darker to contour. Now if you don’t have two different shades, not a problem! Anything slightly darker-a concealer or even powder. All you want to make sure, is that you have a colour close to your skin tone that you can add warmth and definition with. Looking at my face, my forehead is not small so that needed to be contoured! I didn’t contour my chin however as that would make my forehead look even wider. Really think about where you want to add definition if at all.


I used my cream concealer palette from Makeup For Ever and highlighted my cheekbone area and underneath my cheekbone. My eyes were prepared as always with foundation and powder. I only powdered my T-zone.


I used a brown eyeshadow and a Bobbi Brown eyebrow brush, to fill underneath and over the top of them. Almost shading in an outline and then colouring in, slightly in the middle. The inner corner I leave quite natural. My eyebrow goal is a mix between-I woke up like this, and yes I perfected them.



You know when I said this was straightforward, this is where this comes into play. When I use a red lipstick, I tend to use blushers, bronzers and highlighters on the eyes. The reason; the colours are not as pigmented meaning you get a more natural effect and secondly, red drains the colour from your skin-using a blush and bronzer really just adds the warmth back in. Just a blending brush, some bronzer and a sweep along the crease. I went in with some blush as well followed by a some shimmer on the inner corner. All just lightly swept across.


I have an entire post dedicated to winged eyeliner. To have a look, click Makeup look: Winged eyeliner. My method with eyeliner for myself rarely changes. I followed the same steps as I did on my winged eyeliner post.



Whilst watching Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, I couldn’t help but be awestruck at her makeup. I noticed her makeup artist “Whitey”, took her blush quite far down her cheeks. In those days, there was no contour colours, her blush was used to define her cheekbones. I took my contour colour/bronzer and blended right down the sides of my face (do not let your contour go further than the centre of your eyes). The blush was a rosy shade of pink and really swept across most of my cheek area. You want it look like a natural, healthy flush.

For highlight, I used a shimmer block in addition to a light cream, shimmery eyeshadow  at the highest point. A tiny amount goes along way!



I mixed around four different shades. This is apparently what “Whitey” used to do for Marilyn to make her lips look more full. I layer a dark red first, something brighter on top and then either a coral or pink mixed in the middle. Now, I was experimenting. What I recommend really is just to layer. Apply one, used a tissue and blot over and then apply again.



  • To stop lips from bleeding, use concealer either side of your mouth. A darker shade underneath can make your lips look fuller.
  • A cotton bud with makeup remover or moisturiser, can help clear up any mistakes.
  • If you apply lipliner, fill in your entire lip first which can then help make your lipstick last longer.
  • If you are not confident wearing red, apply by dabbing and with your fingers or brush, blend it out which will create a more lived in effect.


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