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Valentine’s day makeup inspiration: Parisian style



They say Paris is the city of love, and when visiting there, I fell completely head over heels.  It’s common knowledge that the French have a certain “Je ne sais quoi” which translates to, “a quality that cannot be described or named easily”.  A little bit stereotyped perhaps, but I cannot help think of croissants, messy hair, neutral colours and low-key beautiful makeup.

When thinking of what makeup styles to show on my blog for Valentines (or any occasion), I was immediately drawn to this theme. I  created all these looks in an hour, tweaking them round to create new ideas that can hopefully inspire anyone seeking inspiration.


1: The no-makeup makeup


Perfect for anyone new to the world of cosmetics or wanting to look more natural, this is about embracing your features. Highlight: your cheekbones, top of your eyebrows, under your brows, down the centre of your chin and in the inner corner of your eye. To give a sweet romantic feel, I swirled a rosy blush across my cheeks and avoided strong contouring. I suggest defining your eyebrows to add definition to your face and using a neutral shade to blend into your crease.



2: A bold lip


I once read that a bold lip colour, will draw a person towards your lips-which makes sense. This is French makeup to me considering its relaxed feel. I made my brows messy; a little bit darker, bolder and with hairs brushed up. Lashings of mascara, a very simple cream eyeshadow and a peach blush. The lipstick is called “Fuchsia Fever” is shade 60 by Estee Lauder.



3: Smouldering eyeliner


This still has a classic, simple vibe but it’s focus is on the eyes. I put this as smouldering because the eyeliner was smudged. I switched things over and did the gel first, then used black eyeshadow and pressed over the top. A light pink lipstick can work really well with strong eyeliner, as it brings that hint of colour back to the face that a nude can sometimes take away.




4: The classic red lip


I have actually done an entire blog post on this look. Click: Makeup look: red lips part 2

I wanted to include this look in this post, as I think it’s amazing for Valentines.

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