How to be in the world, and of the world




For anyone that loves Audrey Hepburn, you may have recognised that quote from “Sabrina”.

The film is a classic, one that sits in my Audrey Hepburn DVD collection box and appears on my T.V on a yearly basis. It epitomises my thoughts in high school; wanting to go to Paris, change my life and come back more sophisticated and beautiful.


I think it resonates with many. Do you ever look outside your office window, and picture just grabbing a flight. As cliché as one might define it, I like to glamorise my world and follow the lessons these Hollywood films secretly taught us.

Travel, travel alone; take that cooking course and cut your hair dramatically. Don’t watch the world go by as you imagine a life you are not living. I aim to do these things. In fact, I’m now learning Spanish.


Happiness lies in passion. Not just for holidays and birthdays, but passion for life. The dreams that may seem inconceivable for some, yet you picture the steps to achieve them.

Hollywood might not be the first place to capture reality. We can’t all wake up early in the morning with a long black Givinchy gown heading to Tiffany’s; we can do little things to bring that element of magic. Instagram does this daily, those perfect photos of morning pancakes, city views and classic wardrobes; all filtered and edited, yet all put together to make us want to live so glamorous. Do a little thing each week that’s oh so Hollywood. You might just sprinkle some fairy dust into your life.


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