Valentine’s day: A reality check

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I have a boyfriend, and unfortunately for me his work involves routine travel. Meaning the one year I have this partner to celebrate, I am unable too on this specific day.

This does not make me sad or devastated. I will not be spending the day locked in my room watching ‘chick flicks’. As much as I adore holidays and especially delight in pancake day,  the pressure we put on ourselves in TFOMO times 10!

It is inconceivable and a little bit Disney imaginary, to believe billions of people should be in love and blissfully surrounded by views and red roses, on this one specific day. It’s as if we ignore our entire lives and beings, to sum up our success purely by a holiday that dictates our feelings. Society says we should be in love drinking champagne – if you are single or alone you are a failure and need to reevaluate your life.


Birthdays and New Year are another cause for immense pressure. I might enjoy these yearly celebrations if it were not for the stress and worry of living up to the expectations. I’ll never forget the anger over the fact my 20th was much bigger and more fun than my 21st. When really – yes the 21st is big, but every year surely is just as worthy. Why can’t your 19th be bigger than your 18th, or your 29th be better than your 30th?

It’s just against nature in my opinion for everyone to follow in the same way. Not everyone in their twenties will land their dream career or have babies and not everyone will enjoy the best times of their lives at the same time. Rather than whittle your excitement down to one occasion, dream higher! It’s ok to be single on the 14th of February. In Fact it can be great. And if you are part of a couple, do not panic yourself into a state on how the day should go.

The holidays are supposed to be fun and remind of us love and family and joy. It’s not about disappointment and sadness over how the day should be. I’m going to treat it as any other; blessed, grateful to be living and passionate about my goals. Valentine’s day might not be my night of romance, but the weekend might.

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