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5 things I learnt at makeup school


Is studying makeup beneficial?; depends on who you ask. Training whether that be at a school, assisting, or both, always in my humble opinion, makes you a better artist. Of course there are incredible MUA’s out there who had zero training and are now at the top of their game. I know for me, watching other artists and learning all these different methods gave me wisdom in how I want my work to be.

These 5 tips may be ones you are aware of or ones that make you edit your routine. Either way, I hope you enjoy reading and please do comment on what your favourite tricks are.

How to apply false eyelashes

I know people who apply these on a regular basis and still ask me to do it for them. There seems to be this fear on if you have put them on correctly. The way I was taught: apply mascara first, use a stick or an object to put glue on the lashes, wait a few seconds for the glue to dry, start in the middle and push the eyelashes against your own lashes, then apply more mascara. When you put the lashes against your eyes, do not fully close them. Your eye needs to be slightly open, so I always ask my clients to look down. Another point to bear in mind; they need to go at the root of your own eyelashes. Applying eyeliner makes it easier to locate exactly where to place them. Be careful not to overload on glue and I suggest buying a separate glue from the ones you receive in the packet. Buying one that is black, makes the process easier.


How to retouch your makeup

The fact is, you can buy the best primer, the best powder and the best foundation. As much as that helps-makeup moves!-I had a makeup artist explain that to me. Getting your makeup to look as fresh as it did at 9am is not a complicated process. You do not need to bring your entire makeup kit to work for after work celebrations. If you have lipstick on, use a wet wipe to remove it. For strong lip shades, I would blend a tiny bit of foundation or concealer across your lips to help diffuse the colour. Before you apply any makeup, blend the original makeup on your face. I highly recommend a blending brush to just go round and blend out what you already have on. Concealer is a must have! Apply around your nose, under your eyes and slightly on your chin-also any others you feel need correcting. Use your fingers to pat it in.

The key to re-applying your makeup in the evening, is adding a light layer. Blend your foundation and use concealer for touch ups. Do not assume the more the merrier. If you prepped your eyeshadow in the morning, the colour on your lid should still be in place. I would then just add a good colour to the crease. Really, after a tired day you want to add that pop of colour. Choose your tools-a warm blush, a healthy bronzed glow, shimmery shades. Think of bright and warm. Go around every area and blend first before applying and then re blend.

The correct way to sanitise cosmetics and equipment

A standard shampoo and conditioner will work wonders on your makeup brushes-soap is good for oil, eyeliner and lipstick. Be careful to not let the water go near the brush handle as this overtime will weaken it-always dry your blushes flat on a towel. Sharpening your pencils after each use, will not only keep them sharp for application, but will help sterilise them. Anything powder based can be wiped with a tissue. Lipsticks can either be sanitised with alcohol or sanitiser. Avoid sharing your mascara wand with anyone and be careful dipping your fingers into anything liquid. Even with powder based, fingers that are not clean can affect the product.

Colour theory

Using opposite colours can neutralise for a colour corrective. Green can help redness whilst purple can help a sallow yellow complexion. For anyone that suffers with dark circles or redness and cannot find a solution, these can work. A tiny bit goes along way and please do not try red lipstick under your eyes! It’s an extremely delicate area and it’s best to invest in cosmetics that are colour corrective.

Makeup stores can contain the best cosmetics

Sometimes we divide beauty into drugstore and high-end with no in-between. Makeup artist brands-think of “Ben Nye” and”Kryolan”- can actually contain incredible products at more affordable prices than department store brands. Explore beyond Mac and research more of the unknown MUA products. I tend to buy online because I cannot always find what I want locally.

My makeup work is now on my blog in portfolios-please find the links on my homepage and explore other beauty articles under my beauty category.

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