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Fashion photoshoot: Behind the scenes

img-20170224-wa0004Today I did a photoshoot with Gareth, who works under Studio GD Photography. His clients have included Waitrose, Toshiba, and The British Army; his photographs have appeared in The Daily Mail, The Guardian, and The Sun-to name a few.

This was a mix of editorial and commercial with beautiful backdrops. It’s something I have been wanting to delve into, and for a girl who adores clothes and makeup, what more could I ask for?



Makeup for photography does not need to be heavy and bold. It does on the other hand, need precision. When preparing for a shoot, I take each section of my face, and individually check every area for smoothness, redness, and any corrections. Layering is key. When applying and blending, resist the temptation to grab all the colour at once. Work your way up until you are satisfied.

Check your lighting. Flash photography and outdoor shooting will make your face look different to how you see it at home. The best place to apply cosmetics, tends to be in a bathroom as the lighting is bright and open.

Be sure to apply concealer on your chin and around your nose. For women, due to hormones, redness can appear. You may need to put foundation on your ears and really blend around your neckline.


Nude Stix lip pencils are my all time favourite. Vegan ingredients, environmentally friendly, and a colour that literally lasts all day. I didn’t even have to reapply it today! I used the “Intense matte lip + cheek pencil” in shade belle. I then applied Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in colour kate with a hint of lipgloss in the centre.


I love coating my eyelashes with two different types of mascara. My trick is tilting my head up to avoid any going on my eyelids. On top of that, I lift my eyelid up, to put the wand at the very root of my lashes. Be sure to coat every single one from the inner corner, to the outer edge. You may need to switch the angle of the brush so it is pointing towards you.


My beloved Estee Lauder palette-as you can probably tell. My eyeshadow started with a matte light brown on my base, a more greyish brown on the inner corner-use a big blending brush and work it into your inner crease, and then a deep brown that went on the edge of my outer eye and blended up and out.

Cheeks were coloured with only bronzer. A matte contour shade with a warmer tone blended on top.



This beautiful dress is from Lost Ink. I teamed it with nude heels and a simple bracelet and ring.

Behind the scenes photos:


These photos have an almost fairytale imagery. Shapes were created by putting one leg forward and out to the side with my hands stretched.






I adore flowing long skirts with fitted jumpers. I  am looking forward to welcoming this style into spring.

I will soon be posting more of the final images with tips on modelling and makeup.


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