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Everyday glamorous makeup inspiration


One person’s natural is another person’s glam. Day time to me does not have to be simple, and for anyone wanting to be chic at all hours of the day, here are some of my ideas and tips.


Think pink

With the surge of nude lipstick, I found clients wanting to stay away from anything too pink, possibly even opting for coral. Just like red, it’s often thought to not suit skin tones or complexions, and I refuse to believe that! For a pink that’s not too overpowering, avoid anything too light and bubblegum looking, and stay clear of bold fuchsia. Creamy satin textures or sheens will help keep this colour day-time and not too high maintenance.


When applying a lip colour that is vibrant, I tend to keep my eye area quite matte. I think sometimes you have to choose your placement of shimmer. My face will generally be matte with only glimpses of sheen. A crease colour that is a few shades darker than your skintone can add definition without being overpowering.


Keep your makeup colours the same tone

This look was between nude and brown, with my eyes, cheeks and lips, all being similar hues. This generally works with more natural colours-think a variety of browns and bronzes.


What I love about this look, if you ever find gel or liquid eyeliner too strong, it can blend in really well with this. Again I kept my eyeshadow matte and left my under eye area light-when going out in the evening, this the perfect place to add more definition.


Bold eyebrows do not have to be thick


For an effortless makeup look that is fast, use an eyebrow pencil and keep your browns defined. An eyeshadow with a hint of colour adds to the look being glamorous, whilst the lack of lip and cheek colour gives it a toned down effect.

5 thoughts on “Everyday glamorous makeup inspiration

    • Thank you Saabri! There will definitely be a shade of pink that would look amazing! I have never had anyone not be able to pull it off. Just depending on skin colour and complexion, the tone may alter.

      I’m going to have a catch up with your blog, thank you for stopping by to read mine 🙂


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