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Makeup look: Green with envy



20170303_145518.jpgMention green eyeshadow, and you could picture something in the 80’s, or a wicked Disney villian.

To keep this look sultry and modern, I chose a shade more towards turquoise. The eyeshadows I am using cost £1!! You can buy them from Superdrug.  These actually don’t have a strong pigment, for these bold colours, that can actually work in your favour.


The first shade I used is called Celestial, and it’s a green tinged with gold shimmer, which gives it a really nice tone.

I Pressed along the base.


The next shade I applied is called Temptress. This turquoise was used for the outer edge of my eye, and slightly applied near the crease.

To stop it from being too overpowering, I actually chose a grey, with a blending brush and very gently over it. I think with colours like these, you don’t to mix it with anything constrasting.


I skipped eyeliner to keep the focus all on the green, and relied on extra coats of mascara, alongside defined brows, to give my face definition.


Bold eyeshadow colours in my opinion, suit very highlighted skin. I used a cream highlight, followed by powder. For oily skin, highlight your cheekbones and above your eyebrows, but skip your T-zone area such as the centre of the forehead.



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