The perfect pamper


There is nothing quite like a moment of relaxation. You don’t need a spa weekend to feel pampered, these are the products and tips that I love, when wanting to indulge myself with beauty treatments.


Steam is full of benefits for your skin. It can help clear blocked pores, on top of making your skin more receptive to other products that you put on. Very calming, I used the basic method of a large bowl filled with boiling hot water. Be sure to tie your hair back and wrap it in a towel beforehand to protect.


Due to everyday showering, I adore a weekly bath and especially with bubbles. Bubble bath does contain SLS however, which is a drying ingredient to the skin. Try to limit the amount you use.


Smell can affect everything from stress, concentration and dreams. Before getting in the bath, I like to spray this L’occitane eau de toilette. A couple of sprays is all that is needed. The smell is incredible but it is expensive, so this is a treat.


20170305_133759.jpgSmell can also of course come from products. I’m a big fan of The Body Shop. I find their soaps are non drying.


One of my tricks is to make a scrub with olive oil and sugar. Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid and is hydrating for the skin. I guarantee after, your body will be silky smooth.

Once my bath is over, it’s important to use a good moisturiser. Again, I love The Body Shop. A cheaper alternative is from derma V10 with their body butter coconut.


Sanctuary Spa do this cleansing 5 minute thermal detox mask which is £10 from Boots. It’s lovely putting a warm mask on the skin and it is quite refreshing.

I tried for the first time, dead sea mineral-bio plasma mud mask. When applying on the face it did have a tingly feeling, which I don’t mind because it convinces me that it must be working. When removing, I didn’t notice much difference at first. Waking up the next day though, my skin felt so much smoother and looked more radiant.

I don’t think I would recommend for anyone that suffers from sensitivity. As an oil regulating and detoxify mask on the other hand, it does as it says.


Speaking of smells earlier, I was given this product to see if it could have any effect on me. I have had trouble sleeping and unwinding for aslong as I can remember.

It is definitely calming. It added to the whole aroma after my bath. How much of an effect this this had on my sleep I am not quite sure.


Steaming, luxurious bathing, exfoliating and a good mask; pamper session complete.



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