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Makeup look: Sultry eyes and lips part 1


BeautyPlus_20170307200239_saveThis look in a stereotypical way, was inspired by Italian beauty with the pop of colour on the lips and the eyes smokey with eyeliner.


My skin is matte for this look, and I think matte skin can get bad press. This is ideal really for the summer months coming up. I always set the skin with pressed powder. I Press it against my hand first before applying. Then start on the T-zone, using the excess on the brush for the rest of my face.



This is the brush that I use for my contouring. I wanted a really defined cheekbone. I took the contour right down near my lips.

Pouting slightly helps to find where to define. Please don’t draw a straight line right down your face! Make sure it curves slightly and add a peachy blush almost over your contour.



After prepping my lid with foundation and powder, I used these Body Shop eye colour sticks. They are very long lasting.

Probably the best eye shadow sticks that I have ever used. The pigment is strong, and the colour doesn’t crease. They also blend perfectly and sometimes these products don’t.

The lightest shade is called ‘nevada gold’ which I applied all over my lid. I always blend with my fingers when using creamier textures. Then I took the darker shade which is called ‘cyprus bronze’, and applied to the outer edge. The sticks are £8. After using them, I blended my bronzer over the top.

Under my eyebrows, I applied a matte cream colour. Finally, I took a deep brown eyeshadow and blended under my eyes. The trick here is to use your fingers and blend very gently, the inner section being softer than the outer edge.



I did an entire blog post on winged eyeliner. Click the link to find the steps. Be sure to include layers of mascara.



For my lips, I used this matte lip liquid in shade cali gerbera from The Body Shop. I will be doing a review on these matte lip liquids soon.



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