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Makeup look: Sultry eyes and lips part 2


If you have not already seen, this is a more bolder version of the look I created the other day: Makeup look: Sultry eyes and lips part 1

There is something very stereotypical Italian about this. Red lips, lots of eyeliner and bronzed skin. In part 1, I talked about the products and steps. This time I really want to focus on the technique.


My whole base I kept fairly matte. Because the eyes and lips are bold combined with the bronzer, I thought my skin should be simple. When it comes to foundation, blend up and out. Try to avoid rubbing in circles or blending inwards. This can cause foundation to build up in the wrong areas.



The same as part 1, I took this brush and a contouring shade, and blended fairly down my cheeks. It’s important that this shade is matte and only a shade or two darker than your own skintone. Take each part in sections, go back and forth adding colour and then blending. Once you have applied your definition, take your sponge or foundation brush, and blend around it. Making a pout can help show you where to apply.

A peach blush was applied over the bronzer in the centre.



I took the darkest colour this time and applied across my lid and crease.  The lighter one which is Nevada Gold, I used on my inner corner. I adore these sticks. They blend so easily and stay put. I believe there are about four different shades to choose from. I use my fingers to blend them up and out.


For years I have been using these Guerlain Terracotta bronzers. They are expensive but I guarantee you will go an entire year or literally months without needing to replace. They are not contouring bronzers, it’s purely one to add warmth and a glow to your skin. I love it as an eyeshadow, and using a blending brush, I went over my crease with it. Avoid going too high up near your eyebrows. In addition, I took it under my eyes and using a medium sized eyeshadow brush to make it more than just a line underneath.



When deciding what eyeliner to buy, try and draw a line across your hand. Check how soft the pencil is. You want one that can easily glide across. I like this Lancome one, but I actually prefer drugstore eyeliners.

Many people assume eyeliner means really thin on the inner corner and then thicker on the outer edge. This is only one type of method and actually not my favourite. I like to start in the middle and make this the thickest area, then draw out to my flick, followed by the inner corner. Make sure your pencil is very sharp before trying to draw a wing.

Lift your eyelid up and fill in at the very root. I always use a gel eyeliner over the top and if you have used the pencil well, you can literally use a fine brush and press the gel over. Another option is black eyeshadow and then using a gel. The only issue is you need to use a tissue and wipe the brush every time you have used it.

When applying eyeliner underneath, I take the pencil and draw a liner on the outer edge and blend towards the middle. Then I take a black eyeshadow and blend it across the rest of my under eye.



I didn’t get time today, but tomorrow I will add the blog post on my review for these Body Shop matte lip liquids. The colour here is Paris Peony. Number 022. What I love is that lipliner was not needed.



  • For extra eyelash definition, use two different mascaras. I love using a finer wand first and then a big volume one after.
  • Use a shimmery cream eyeshadow as a highlighter.
  • When applying powder, press onto the T-zone areas and then blend around it. Or using a powder puff, use the excess for areas that are less oily.

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