Makeup Review: Body Shop Matte Lip Liquids


Matte Lip Liquids are one of the latest trends in beauty with the purpose of gliding on effortlessly like a lipgloss, whilst setting in the same way as a matte lipstick. These Body Shop liquids are available in 12 colours, are 100% vegetarian and only cost £6.

If you have not seen already, I have created two different looks with these products. The first: Makeup look: Sultry eyes and lips part 1 and the second: Makeup look: Sultry eyes and lips part 2


What I like

Immediately the colours drew my attention. I was very pleased that the pigment in the bottle, completely matched my expectations when applying on my lips. They are easy to apply and leave a beautiful finish. Even the red which I assumed would require some work or may smudge, glided on straightforward.

I had no issue with the colour staying on. At the end of the day, it was still in place and still vibrant. With a lipstick, you cannot get that staying power or intensity.

What I don’t like

As great as the product is for staying put, it did become quite drying. Of course with anything matte, this is an issue. I could barely feel the liquid on my lips, but I was aware that every few hours, it would dry up in the centre. I would have to either use my fingers and blend it back in, or a tiny bit of vaseline.


Would I purchase

The key aspect is the colour. The bold shades – red, coral, deep plums and pinks, I prefer over regular lipsticks. Just the simplicity of the application and the vibrancy. The nudes and more natural colours nevertheless, I would rather a regular lipsticks. This is because they are high maintenance and you need to check they are not drying up too much in the centre.

For £6 these are worth the price and I recommend heading to The Body Shop and taking a peek.


This is my favourite colour and would 100% purchase once it has finished. It’s such a lovely shade for summer.


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