MUA Tips: How to really help oily skin


“Helps” is the key phrase. You cannot just change your skin type. A product does not make you wake up one morning and go wow, normal skin at last!

Hormonally it can change and with seasons you can notice a difference.

My skin was SEVERELY oily. What does severely oily look like? How about working on an array of cosmetic counters and within two hours, being told by the manager to put some more powder on. People everywhere wanted to give me samples and suggest products that could help. Acne came into play, again severely, and I was desperate! Natural, very expensive, very inexpensive, treatments from abroad, home made, olive oil. If there was a potential solution, I would run to that solution like my dog runs to his treats!

This is more than ten years of knowledge that I have picked up. I finally have less oily skin. I don’t need to powder every few hours, I don’t notice as many spots. I don’t need to wipe my face or edit the shine in photos. Now the sad disclaimer-none of this is guaranteed. From my experience on myself and with clients, I have created this list (in no particular order) and I truly hope that anyone with oily skin reading this, can take something beneficial away.

Start with your hair

A dermatologist once told me that when considering the skin on your face, it starts with your scalp. Often if you have oily skin, you have greasy hair or roots. Something to definitely be aware of if you have a fringe, because the oil from the hair can affect your forehead.

Now many of us would have heard of the whole-change your pillowcase often. I personally wash my hair at night time and ensure it is clean or relatively clean before bed. In addition, be cautious of building up too many products on your scalp. Avoid strong fragranced shampoo and anything that could irritate your skin.


I am obsessed with this brand Rahua. As a warning it is expensive-£28 for one bottle. I use it all the time and it truly lasts AT LEAST three months. I have met one of the owners before, and this product is completely natural. Not only that, they don’t cut any trees or do any damage to the environment when they make.

I really recommend a natural shampoo and conditioner. I don’t believe natural always works and especially with skincare, but with hair, finding the most natural ingredients is important. There are many cheaper alternatives. Apivita is an amazing brand for skin and hair. You can easily buy online and I believe you can purchase shampoo for under £10.

Hydrate your skin

I have spoke about this before on another blog post. People confuse dry skin which is a lack of oil, with dehydrated skin which is a lack of water. The skin if dehydrated, can over produce oil.

Look for products that are hydrating. It’s all about trying to control the oil and not just remove it.

Rather than always relying on blotting paper or more powder, consider buying a facial spray. When I was at makeup school, a successful artist came in to teach us how to create a particular look. She takes out an Evian £3.99 facial or misting spray and tells us she sprays it on every client.

I believed them to be an additional purchase that was unnecessary. Now on the contrary, I advocate the sprays to most people, especially with oily skin. It’s just a great way to add hydration to your skin throughout the day.

Dairy really does contribute

After back and forth visits to my doctor and dermatologist about my acne, I eventually gave up. It was only when working on a skincare brand that an area manager told me to go back to the doctors, be referred to another dermatologist, and to keep fighting.

My new dermatologist told me to cut out dairy, wheat and gluten. Long story short, I went through this period in my life where I analysed every ingredient that went into my body. I came to the conclusion that high amounts of dairy, not only triggered my acne, but made the oil on my skin far worse.

Doing some research (mounds of research), I discovered articles stating that around 60+ yes 60+ HORMONES are contained in ONE glass of milk.

We are the only mammals to consume milk after the age of three. I am not wanting to open the floodgates to is dairy good for us? Really, cutting down on this, was the most beneficial thing I have EVER done for my skin. I cannot praise this enough. Dairy is like sugar and it lurks in many foods.

I still eat some cheese and chocolate etc, just I keep it controlled. I always look for a dairy free alternative. And if you are wondering, there are many foods that give you high amounts of calcium.


Skip the toner

Anything alcohol based can make oily skin worse. The drying effect can equal more oil. Toners in the cosmetic industry are known as “additional purchases”. Meaning a cleanser on it’s own, is not that expensive compared to a moisturiser. Adding a toner on the other hand, makes it a good two unit sale.

The purpose of them if you asked someone on the beauty counters, is to remove excess dirt and makeup. Also to bring your pH back down after cleansing.

This is controversial and it’s very mixed in the industry. You kind of have to decide for yourself if a toner is right for you and if you love them, don’t stop because of my saying so.

People say alcohol based is good to remove the excess oil. Yet I know people that tell me it’s drying and causes more oil. For me, when I skipped toner, my skin felt much better. There are cleansers now that balance pH and if used twice with correct cleansing methods, will remove all the makeup and dirt your skin could acquire.

Be wary of home made remedies

I love homemade stuff. If you follow my blog, you might know I adore a sugar and olive oil body scrub. In saying that, there are ingredients that are natural and can cause havoc on your skin. I tried recently an avocado mask. I assumed because it’s fruit, it must be wonderful. My skin was stinging to the point of burning, and red for hours.

Our skin is susceptible to different things. Try a little bit first before slathering across your entire face. Also note the compounds in olive oil, do not penetrate very deep in the skin. I was told this after telling a beauty therapist that I cleanse with the oil cleansing method. It might be great at first to remove eye makeup, I would personally have an actual cleanser to put on after.


A few times a week if your skin is oily. A scrub is generally the best method. It is a well known skin ritual. People do skip it though or they consider it not important. What’s key is looking for something that is gentle. You do not want really harsh beads.

A powder puff over a brush


Powder puffs set powder far better than a brush. I always used the fluffy brushes they tell you too and I blamed the powder for not mattifying my skin well. It was only when switching to a puff, I noticed the powder improved.

Always tap the puff a few times on your hand first to remove excess. Tapping motion is key, similar to a sponge. Depending on your levels of oil. press the puff first into your T-zone areas, and then use excess on the puff to go around the rest of your face.

Be sure to your wash routinely. After squeezing, I wrap them in tissue to help make them dry.

Drink water

The obvious most commonly written tip-it stands true! Being hydrated makes a difference to your skin. I like to make sure I always have water near me to get into the habit of taking sips. They say dry lips mean you need to drink more water.









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