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6 ways to eat oats

A breakfast staple and one I have woken up too since the land before time. Every now and then, I like to switch them up and eat my porridge in various ways. Filling, healthy and proven to help lower high blood pressure.


Fruit with oats

Starting with the basics; skip the refined sugar and syrups/honey, and include some of your five a day. My favourite combination is banana, raspberries and blueberries. The fibre in most fruit will help you to feel fuller for longer.


Oven baked oats

I came across this recipe on  (click the link to go to the recipe).

I found it so delicious that I tripled the size of it and included berries alongside strawberries. To make it healthier, I cut back on the honey, took away the cream cheese, and used oat milk.

The website refers to it as a cheesecake breakfast bake. It is as delicious as as dessert! Simple to make and you can refrigerate to enjoy for a few days.


Fruit dessert oats

BBC good food was the first website I sourced when wanting to get stuck into cooking. They never disappoint and especially not with their mango and passion fruit fool.

I followed the recipe down to a tee. Then thought, this works with oats! At the very bottom, I made an oat base with some oat milk, set in the fridge for an hour or so, then went back and added the fruit fool mixture. As the weather is warming, this is ideal to wake up too.



Banana fritter oats

I posted this on Valentine’s day-hence the heart shapes. These yummy fritters are far more filling then they would have you believe.

Perfect on the go- you can make a large batch that you can sink your teeth into throughout the week.  Only a handful of ingredients is needed.



Nut date oats

Strange title right! Really they are energy balls and open to interpretation. You can choose your dry fruit, nuts and additional ingredients.

With either a food processor, or the classic method of wrapping in a tea towel and breaking down with a rolling pin, chop cashew nuts (or any other nut) and mix with a packet of medjool dates. Then add a hint of oat milk with handful of oats, followed by other ingredients such as: cocoa, cacao powder, nutmeg, cinnamon and protein powder. Mix together, shape into balls and set in the fridge for at least two hours.

I never measure when creating these. However there are many recipes out there similar which will give you more accuracy.


Overnight oats

Mentioned previously on my blog, I discovered these on social media. The perfect solution for anyone who struggles to make time for breakfast.

This again is down to your own preferences. Find a jar or long container, add oats (if you are not sure on the amount, put them in a bowl first with how much you would usually eat), then add milk just above. Afterwards, you generally add fruit with possibly yogurt, dark chocolate, dessicated coconut or coconut flakes and cocoa. Anything you like with your oats. Set over night in the fridge, and by the morning-oats are ready!

My trick is purchasing frozen fruit which sets really nicely with this and of course do not have short sell by dates.

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