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Countdown to summer: Fitness questions answered



This is a new section that I will be uploading every Monday: Countdown to summer. To most people, this will about getting “bikini ready” in time for the holidays. To me however, I want to take that negative association and change its representation. I love health, it has benefited me greatly taking care of myself, and I want to share interviews, advice and tips regarding well-being both physically and mentally. Getting ready for summer does not have to mean diets and short-term fixes. This spring period can be used as the foundation to making better decisions for your body.

Florian-better known as Flo, has over 10k followers on Instagram and as a man in his thirties with a full-time career, manages to keep his abs in tact. This interview gets down to questions I believe many people with busy lives debate; how do you find the time, do you need to wake up 5am and how can you achieve the coveted abs.


How do you find the time to workout?

“Good question. Every professional probably has this problem. I go to the gym four times a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and then Saturday or Sunday. If I do not make it to the gym 3 times during the week, I go Saturday and Sunday”.

How long does it take you to workout?

“My training usually takes 1 hour. If I do cardio as well, I will do an extra 30 minutes”.


What’s the best way to get abs?

“Abdominal muscles are made up 90% in the kitchen. Most of my workouts include abdominal work so I do not work them separately”.

Do you have any good tips?

“It always depends on your goals. Don’t do crash diets to get ready for summer. It doesn’t achieve anything but put your body in an emergency mode. Instead, start with reducing your calories, exercise and omit carbs in the evening”.

Does it matter if you work out in the morning or at night?

“Sport has been proven to release endorphins so you have a lot of power during the day. To lose weight, it is better to do cardio on an empty stomach, so do before breakfast. I personally exercise mostly in the evening because my body needs something to eat before and I am under no pressure to be at work on time.

I think everyone has to decide for themselves which workout routine works best. There is no reason to force yourself to the gym in the morning when you are too tired to barely reach your goals”.

To follow Flo on Instagram: Flo30981


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