Make your makeup better

Both these photos were taken around the same time, only the right one has been perfected. Yes makeup is artistic and open to interpretation, but I want to share some tips that I use to make my face more flawless. These tips can be applied for when going out after work or after a long day, in addition to adding into your makeup routine. They might seem simple, regardless they all make a big impact.


Edit your eyebrows again at the end

They frame the face and I believe they need to be edited according to your makeup.  Once you have finished, go up close and 9/10 there will be areas that still need to be filled or that need to be toned down.

I always end up filling more in and creating extra definition. Generally, the top of your arch should be most filled whilst the inner corners need a soft touch. Tilt your head up which helps when checking that they are both even.

Use two eyeshadow brushes to blend

I have a small blending brush and a large fluffy one. Many people go back and forth blending on the crease. I recommend to then go further and use a large fluffy brush to blend by your eyebrows. Always think up and out.

Apply lipgloss above your cupid bow

I actually learnt this technique from Jennifer Lopez-well her makeup artist Scott Barnes. Go slightly above your cupid’s bow to create fuller lips. The key hear is a tiny bit, too much and it will look like you have made a mistake.


Take your contour further down

A peach blush mixed in with bronzer is the perfect way to add a soft glow. I love taking my cheek colour right down near my lips. This can help slim a fuller cheek. Make sure it is well blended and keep it controlled. The more blush you add, the softer it needs to be.

Intensify your eyeliner

Once you have drawn your line, go back and use a small brush to press more colour. Imagine drawing the line as building a wall, that then needs to be painted.

When you draw a line, the pigment can start to blend. You might find the middle darker than the outer edge.

Be aware of loose pigment

I believe in applying the foundation first, then doing the rest of your makeup and leaving undereye concealer at the end. I know there will be people reading this that might do the baking method, but this is another alternative. When your concealer is the last thing to blend in, the highlight tends to stand out more.



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