Once upon a time…


…in a faraway land, lived a real life Disney princess in a long pink gown.

If only! I love Disney though and if I ever had the option of acting alongside an A list star or being the voice of a character in a Disney animation, I know which one I would choose. (Disney please contact me).

All jokes aside, this was a fairytale shoot I shot with Studio GD Photography. The photos combine together to tell a photographic story.

My dress was from Lost Ink and I felt because it is so pretty, it needed minimal styling.


There was genious editing at work, but as a makeup artist, I have to take some credit. I went for a smokey brown eye but because I needed to look innocent, I wanted it to be soft and extremely blended.

If you ever want to make your eyes look bigger in a photo, be weary of heavy eyeliner. I tried to keep my actual lid quite light and neutral, with the heaviness more towards the edges.



The weather was incredibly cold-I shivered throughout. The bushes were really uncomfortable! I felt like I was melting in a wilderness of prickly nettles (which I kind of was) and on a really high slope.

It’s funny as a result of the slope and my high heels, I was practically clinging to the branches. Then my photographer told me to relax my hands.



I rarely wear pink but after this shoot, the colour is one I am now going to purchase. How much pink do you have in your wardrobe?


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