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Countdown to summer: Healthy indulgences

This week’s countdown to summer is all about giving into your cravings-GUILT FREE.

It is one of the biggest diet struggles. How to stay on track and be healthy when your sweet tooth (or junk tooth) starts wobbling. Below are all suggestions and recipes that I have tried and enjoyed.

I am a sweet tooth monster and I love food that health doesn’t. Of course, I advocate eating what you love occasionally and doing so with no concerns after. But if you want to cut back or look for some healthier alternatives, this guide has your back.




Pizza; the true definition of delicious food. This recipe really surprised me. I am not the greatest fan of mushrooms and yet I tucked in speedily. Vegan, portobello pizzas from the minimalist baker. These are quick, superb and really cute to serve. The only difference with mine, I added homemade cashew nut cheese. Yes, no dairy! For the wedges, slice potato (try to make them even), coat in olive oil and paprika and then anywhere from 35-45 minutes should do the trick.

For the minimalist baker’s recipe, click here


Now, if you want a pizza that actually looks like a pizza, look no further. Try before you criticise! This is quinoa and cashew nut cheese and honestly, it tastes good! I was aware of quinoa crust and I purposely avoided due to my lack of desire to eat quinoa.

Nevertheless, I made and I immediately told everyone. To this day, I am typing this thinking wow, this really is healthy. Plus, it is simple! Previously I made cauliflower crust and perhaps I created it wrong, but it was a nightmare! Messy and impossible to not burn.

This recipe came from my Nutribullet book and I couldn’t find it online. I did some research and came across a 5 star rated one very similar from Nest & Glow. My cashew nut cheese was made with cashews, lemon and garlic. I suggest squeezing some lemon in if you decide to make.

For the recipe, click here 



A healthy, tasty curry packed full of nutrients. This delight came from BBC goodfood. Courgette/zucchini and cauliflower with coconut milk means this is also vegan.

The recipe as much as I appreciated, to me needed some work. I swapped the curry paste for thai and really went in adding flavour. Randomly splashing a mixture of herbs from cumin, turmeric and korma powder. I added bay leaves and ultimately flavoured enough until I find the perfect balance of spice.

The suggestion is basmati rice but I decided on lentils. You can buy from a can and they take around 5-10mins to cook. The lentils made this very filling and I personally would choose this option.

For the recipe, click here


Another meal I love to make is lemon Moroccan style couscous. Unfortunately, I never make this with a recipe, so I’m going to try to explain as it is not too complicated. It is a case of making everything separate and then bringing all together. I cook the prawns slowly with lemon and garlic, I warm up some lemon and lemon zest to mix with the couscous, followed by cooking the peas. When mixed together, on a low heat I add herbs like harissa and mix in olives.

For a more precise method, I came across this Waitrose Moroccan couscous with harissa and chickpeas. For the recipe, click here

Peanut butter/ice-cream


Do you fancy ice-cream? How about peanut butter? What if you fancy them both?

These frozen banana and peanut butter nibbles are perfect for the warmer months coming ahead.

I went the super simple way of literally just cutting up banana, adding peanut in the middle and freezing. Another option is freezing the banana and then dipping into peanut butter. Or, I have found this recipe from Pop sugar.

If nut allergies are not an issue, this snack is fantastic. Kids will enjoy, as will guests. Eat one or two and your ice-cream desires will be a thing of the past! The smaller you can make them, the better.

For the recipe, click here 



I was not quite sure what food craving to link this too. As a description, it is mainly made up of coconut milk and mango. It reminded me of rice pudding and custard. Either way delicious and yet again simple (you can probably tell I am not a chef!)

A blender is required. This is a recipe from Nutribullet. If your blender struggles to break up frozen mango, allow the fruit to thaw in the fridge beforehand.

Nutriliving is one of my favourite websites for meal ideas. Not all of them require a blender. If you are a smoothie fan, please do check out their website.

For this tropical mango smoothie dessert, click here 

All round sweet tooth


Chocolate hazelnut torte with raspberries and vanilla creme.

NO DAIRY, NO WHEAT, NO REFINED SUGAR. Not only vegan, this dessert was superb! You really feel as if you are full on indulging.

What is great is that the ingredients inside, as yummy as they are, do not leave you feeling moreish. You can happily take a slice and feel full enough to resist eating the entire torte in one sitting.

The instructions at the beginning were slightly complicated. I ended up just using a cake tin and getting some baking paper. A blender is required. I have a Nutribullet and I used the millet blade to cut through the nuts and added water to make it blend well. You can always wrap the nuts in a tea towel and break them down with a rolling-pin. As the recipe suggests, always soak in water first to soften and don’t worry if they are not broken extremely fine because it does not affect the quality.

For the fabulous recipe, click here


Normally, I always make a smoothie that includes veg. If you do have a sweet tooth, make that smoothie sweeter and treat yourself to a little drinking dessert.

With this, anything goes. I melted a small piece of white chocolate with raspberries and banana. Coconut sprinkles, applesauce, cocoa, chocolate etc. The trick is to add small pieces and obviously depending on how decadent you do, make this infrequent.



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