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Makeup look: Day to night

I have created three different makeup looks with each develop from more natural to full on glamour. I’m going to share tips on how to quickly edit your makeup and achieve these looks.




This look is natural but rather bold and daring. You are relying mainly on your lips and eyebrows. The lipstick is from Estee Lauder and is called rose tea.

For this 10 minute face, ensure you apply a well covered base of foundation with concealer. Use a contouring shade and use a light hand to add definition. On the eyes, a cream was applied and patted. Be very careful to make sure shadow does not go on to your lashes. Apply mascara; depending on how confident you are with a lack of eye makeup, feel free to super coat your lashes.

When it came to my brows, I started on the arch and used a strong hand. I left areas like my inner corner far more sparse to keep it natural.

If you are off to work and going out afterwards, imagine your morning makeup as the first layer. Don’t do anything too strong including powder because it will be difficult to work with later.



Depending on your makeup style, look 2 is either a day or evening.

When pulling off a full on nude, the perfect shades to me have a hint of another colour. This is an example and I’m not suggesting that you have to abide by this but, for darker skin tones: a nude with a hint of coral, for olive skin tones: a warm beige with a hint of dusky pink and for fairer skin tones, you are more likely to pull of a pinkier tone.

I kept the colours relatively in the same hues which I think gives a nice polished effect.

I brushed through my brows and refilled the arch. I added a deep contour shade (think neutral colours that are not too warm), and added more depth to my contour.

An eyeliner was added and as always I stick to gel. For me if you have the right brush, it’s much easier and more precise. I like to create the shape and wait a few minutes, then go back in with my brush and press over the stop. With eyeliner, as you try to draw an even line, you can end up blending back and forth over the line which will stop it looking defined. This is why it’s great to go back in and just press over the top.

A very nude lip is ideal for the handbag. I wouldn’t suggest it to be a safe colour as many people may interpret it. When you match the colour against a darker eye, the outcome is this amazing highlight and contrast.

To instantly brighten up your eye area, use a cream concealer and blend under your eyebrows. What’s great with cream concealers, if you use them as the last item, the result is stronger. Go for a shade or two lighter if you are looking for that great highlight.

I applied a shimmer eyeshadow on my cheekbone just to really make my skin glow.



My final look. Only a few adjustments from the previous and yet a completely different effect.

Taking the darkest shade from my Naked palette 3 which I believe is called black heart, I pressed along my outer edge and blended into the middle. I used a dark brown on the crease and then to add softness, blended a beige grey over the top.

What I love about this look, the eye makeup is a messy and lived in which means your eyeliner doesn’t need any work. You can literally just grab a dark shade and blend straight over the top.

I took a white shimmer and with a very fine eyeshadow brush, applied directly under my eyebrow which adds the most beautiful highlight to any dark eye look. Brown was quickly underneath my eyes.

A pink blush was added and don’t worry about adding such a strong colour to an already strong eye look. With a soft touch, a pink really warms up a smokey eye. The trick is to blend right up on your cheek and use your foundation brush to blend around after so it’s really soft.

To finish, a light pink on the lips was added. Anyone can wear pink but be careful with frosty or fuchsia tones.


  • When going from day to-night, most people consider their eyes and lips. As you can see in look 3, a good blush can completely alter a look. Experiment with your pinks and plums and even bright corals. A blush can change everything and it’s an essential part of day to night.
  • A misting or hydration spray is perfect for feeling and looking refreshed. Evian does a really good one you can purchase from anywhere like Boots or even Amazon for a few pounds.
  • Always blend your original makeup before applying more. I suggest carrying a big blending brush for your face and a smaller one for your eyes.
  • Do not carry all kinds of cosmetics to work. It will just leave you more panicky when getting ready. Stick to simple highlighter and blush, concealer and a couple of darker or different eye colours.
  • Do not underestimate the power of application right under your eyebrows. A cream concealer used as a highlighter can completely brighten your face. If you are more towards the oily side, a liquid may work better.
  • If your skin at the end of the day has gone oily, simply blot and blend and then add any touch-ups. Don’t go too crazy with your powder. Use a loose powder with a powder puff and press onto your T-zone areas. Be careful where you apply on your cheeks as you don’t want to go over your highlighted areas.

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    • Thank you but honestly I had perfect lighting. Wait till you see me outdoors haha. I can do a skincare post though 🙂 So far I have done a post on oily skin and what to look out for when buying skincare and cosmetics.


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