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The saddest love: poems surrounding heartache

I feel very privileged to have come across such an amazing variety of bloggers who share their personal stories. I love writing and specifically when I am going through something, I put those words into rhyme and poem.

I have written all of these and they vary in the different emotions of heartache. Some are incredibly personal and others not so much. What’s important however, is how you decide to interpret them and emotions they convey for you.

Untitled 1: Missing an ex

I thought I couldn’t make it through,
days into nights and years anew,
suddenly the pain is gone, and stored away,
can’t capture your entire space, I make do,
Still see your eyes glean off my face,
your voice is new,
probably not the tone you really spoke,
do you still talk smooth?
I miss the relaxing that we use to share,
you never let me not do what I wanted too,
you always cared,
now the years are getting older and life is
on your shoulders,
might of got a new girl though last year you were
still a roller,
put your shirt on and I’m reminiscing,
we were never meant to be what we envisioned,
little time and a dose of wishing,
I’ll never see you again but I’ll stay missing.

Untitled 2: Feeling like your ex never loved you

They say the person that loves the most, is the person whose heart will hurt the most,
it must have been me, my heart is more shattered than the stains from my tea,
my soul is more empty than the body of a person flown free,
I’ve got scars I can’t see, i’m mentally bruised without a cure to release,
I thought the rekindle of the pain could make the magic unleash,
as I look into your eyes I realise that will never be,
I can’t go back to loving something that never truly loved me,
It was like being in a card without an envelope to wrap round,
there’s nothing to open, the surprise was empty, and that was the surprise,
one-sided sticky tape, not even a goodbye to be found,
not even a sincere apology, a lack of respect for what you unbound,
you’re selfish, you assumed it was ok to let me down,
you contemplated to yourself I would be fine and you could walk out, nothing like a casual stroll,
when I scroll, through your texts it’s like a different person,
how did you find it so easy to fake love and fake distraction?,
I’ll never hate you and erase you, I’ll never talk about you and the habits that made you,
at least then I’ll know, what I had was real, no one can accuse me of saying it ain’t so,
no one can say I lied when I said it was us, us to the end,
if the heart splits apart at least my soul will contend,
at least the peace within me will amend and maybe one day I can say the love went away,
It’s gone to a better place, one of hope and discovery,
Maybe we were just a chapter and our stories finish in a different tense.

Untitled 3: An ex who always took control

Let’s be honest, you only care about yourself,
you never give a damn about my mind or my health,
if you are ok then the show is going like Broadway,
if I have an issue, I’m blocked like a sneeze caught with tissue,
there’s no room to negotiate, you have a schedule and I play too it,
every note sung, every beat hit,
one more shot and I think I’ll be leaving,
but then the terror starts, where do I go?,
home alone is not a place that I want to know,
so as you come at me with another request,
I say goodbye to my pride and put myself in check.

Untitled 4: An ex you were trying to convince was the one

I looked at you with glasses on,
a little sharper than reality,
I was blurring my soul,
I knew you were not a man who could save me,
you couldn’t replace me,
yet you don’t seem to want me,
unless I slip into something a little sexy,
get on top while you lay back,
out on your way in the morning,
and I walked in that pouring rain,
no cab, our goodbye was black,
heavy with that jacket that you gave me,
I wear it and go a little crazy,
It’s that piece of evidence that says,
we weren’t through.

Untitled 5: An ex you continually run back to, even though he always leaves

Not ashamed to say I begged,
not afraid to say I cried,
TLC ain’t afraid to beg,
but this was out of the bedroom,
I broke down and I wept,
how could I do this to me?

I used to be strong never taken,
always put it down never change, you can replace them,
here I am weak, putting my life in your palms,
when you go I turn bleak,
I’m like a soldier as you speak,
I obey say ok,
you walk free.

So desperate for your love that I prayed,
down on my knees counting down the days,
always come back always kissing my body,
as you cuddle me to sleep,
you say I missed you,

I used to be a fighter never dating,
always speak my mind never frightened,
here I am scared, putting my heart in your arms,
when you let go I collapse,
I’m like a body being saved,
I smile and hug back,
you embrace,

I used to be sad never planning,
always felt independent, never needy,
here I am in need, putting my tears in front of your eyes,
when you disappear I cry,
I’m like a woman in love,
heartache and I weep,
you don’t cry

13 thoughts on “The saddest love: poems surrounding heartache

  1. Loved all of these sad unfortunate poems, I think I’ve had all of these ex’s. Or at least a couple of them that matched a few. When will these heartbreakers know what they have and learn to appreciate the love they are given… the world may never know.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for taking the time to read them all! I kind of believe in karma but also I like to think they will look back one day. And at the very least, the heartbreakers can make for good writing. If I could make a song like Taylor Swift then I could make money as well haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I believe in karma also!! For sure. The ones that have hurt me have always tried to come back.. so I know they look back and realize the mistake. Or think I’ll be dumb and go through it agin. Nope! I have some great poems and lyrics I’ve wrote about some of my last relationships and heart break so yes I know about the god writing the comes of it lol

        Liked by 1 person

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