Skincare questions answered: part 2

20170427_152412.jpgSo I would never normally do two beauty posts back-to-back – especially on the same topic. I felt however, after posting, I had far more to say. These are some more common questions and answers regarding skin. Again as a disclaimer, I am not a dermatologist or skin expert. I have been a makeup artist for six years and have had a lot of experience applying and advising clients on products.

What should I buy because my skin is sensitive?

You would not believe how many people assume their skin is sensitive. It is actually not a skin type and rather a condition. In most cases, true sensitivity shows up immediately – redness and irritation.

This point goes back to my previous post on whether you need to invest in expensive skin care. Our skin reacts differently. Some people can get great results from drug store whilst others need high-end.

It is the same with sensitivity. If you are truly sensitive, look for products specifically for sensitive skin – sounds common sense I know! For others who have had bad experiences with products before, always apply on your hand first.

If you are unable to test the product, look at the words used to advertise. “Gentle” and “calming” for example.

Why has my skin suddenly gone oily or dry?

As far as I know, skin changes are the result of either different habits in your lifestyle, stress, climate, hormonal, or a new skin routine. It can also be down to dehydrated skin.

Before making any drastic changes, consider whether any of these factors could have made an effect. One thing to mention as well, as you become older, your skin may naturally become less oily.

How do I get rid of my dry, flaky skin?

People mix up dry and dehydrated skin. Dry is a skin type and it’s continual – it will always need a rich moisturiser. Dehydrated is a condition that may come and go. Both may give you irritation, nevertheless, dehydrated may make you oily and cause breakouts.

If you suddenly notice this tight feeling on your skin, or flakiness, look for hydrating products. Likewise, if you normally have normal or dry skin and have you noticed oiliness, you may need some hydration.

I am a big fan of overnight, hydrating masks. If you have the time, apply one in the morning and after ten minutes or so, rather than completely remove, massage into your skin and then apply moisturiser. This works well if you wake up and feel you need an instant hydration boost.

Immediately apply cream after the shower. If you have dry skin, cream based foundations work best. Sponges can be the best application tool for flakiness, as you press the product in.

What should I do about my acne?

So for those unaware, my skin used to be flawless. By the time I became a teenager, full on acne developed. As people started to grow up and hit their twenties, their skin improved and mine became worse. It affected my work because people lost trust in my skills as an artist, and even as someone that could offer advice.

Years were spent going to the doctors and dermatologist. In addition, I spent hundreds per month on products – which shockingly, is not that hard to do. I was recommended exfoliating pads that cost £50, a moisturiser that cost £40, a cleanser for £20; then there’s the acne treatment itself, a mask and possibly a serum, or some other product they advise in their regime.

My luck came when one dermatologist told me I was intolerant to dairy. I had to cut down big time and ended up with a more plant-based diet. This was my answer but it may not be yours.

I would advise going straight to your doctors or dermatologist, and also to consider intolerances and seeing if (I know acne is not always caused by diet) a change in your eating habits can help. In terms of products, I don’t believe in necessarily the most expensive. I like natural and I prefer looking at a basic regime that will keep my skin hydrated and not irritate the spots any further.

As in my previous post, I love the brand Apivita (I cannot wait for my new delivery to arrive!) but also dr brands – I like dr. organic from Holland and Barrett, and if I do decide to splurge, I look at brands that have a high emphasis on dermatology.

Do I need to buy skincare products all from the same brand?

I’m not an expert, but most brands make sure their products all work in line together. Especially if you are after a skin treatment, using the full range can maximise the results. Having said that, there are times you prefer a moisturiser from one place, and not the cleanser or serum that goes alongside. Really, it’s about finding what works for you and if you feel your skin is best when different ranges are mixed, stick to that system.

Do I really need all these items the consultant advises?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret high-end brands like to do. If you go through a consultation, a selling technique is to show you five products, but to aim for you to purchase three. That way, you still walk away spending, but mentally as you have not brought everything, you don’t feel you have gone too far.

A cleanser, a moisturiser and an exfoliator are the big three. These are items that I would not skip out on. If your routine develops: masks, serums and toners can be included.

Serums penetrate deeper into the skin whilst moisturisers remain more so, as protection for the outer layer. If you have a major concern, it will most likely be beneficial to add a serum.

Masks I also vouch for and I believe there are many great options out there, that don’t come with a high price tag.

Toners I personally do not like. They are known as an add on product. I have heard a mix of opinions from dermatologists, and perhaps you need to come to your own conclusion. If you have a good cleanser that does not shoot up your pH level, toners can be avoided. I find as well that toners that need to be applied with a cotton pad, can be very irritating. I say cleanse twice, and massage properly.


What is the best skincare advice you could give?

Protect your skin from the sun. The problem with ageing, is it is far better to start with preventing, than treating. Be aware that even on a cloudy day, the sun you cannot see, can damage your skin.

Of course the obvious – drink lots of water. Keep your vitamins up and have as good of a lifestyle as you can.

Follow the basics and be gentle. No harsh rubbing and scrubbing.

20 thoughts on “Skincare questions answered: part 2

  1. This is a topic I was planning to blog on too but haven’t got a chance to doing yet. I can spot the esteem lauder serum at the corner there and it’s definitely one that i bought because people raved about it so much. I find that i wake up with a ‘glow’ to my skin. Would you share your experience with it? Would love to know if you saw other benefits as well:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have quite mixed reviews on the advanced night. I bought a large bottle a couple of years ago. The miniature one I was given as part of a gift set. I think it does add radiance and can make you look far more awake in the morning, but I didn’t notice any drastic changes like a difference in skin texture. I’m interested in reading up on your post when you get round to it 🙂


      • I did not use it religiously so I can’t really see the difference. I agree with you that it does help a bit but was not very significant. Great to know your opinion cause I’m thinking of getting another one just to see infusing it regularly will make much difference. Really hoping it will work 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • Are you hoping for something specific from the product? Like what is your main skin concern? Kiehl’s do some amazing serums and I actually think their night serum which is very similar to the advanced night, works better. I would say to have a look at Kiehl’s before you buy another from Estee Lauder. I think the advanced night has been so overly advertised and promoted, that the hype almost takes over from the product.


        • I just heard that it rejuvenates your skin and gets rid of dullness so I thought I will give it a try. But now I’m actually looking for a product that can even out my complexion cause I have areas that are slightly redder and one or two stubborn acne spots I want to get rid of. I actually might have heard of the Kiehl’s serum somewhere. Is it the Midnight Recovery Concentrate? I don’t know if it’s the look of their science- lab store concept but sometimes it makes me think they are doused in harsh chemicals xp (*not that esteem lauder is any closer to being natural of organic). I agree, over-hyped product doubles up the disappointment you feel when they don’t live up to your expectation! Thanks for the recommendation hun, i’ll look more into Kiehl’s 😀


        • Hey! I am so sorry about the late response. For some reason, it’s not letting me reply to your last comment, so I’m going to respond to it here. I was talking about the Kiehl’s midnight recovery serum. Kiehls is actually really natural. They like to say that they are a mix of nature and science. Their recovery serum contains something like 99% naturally derived ingredients. I personally would choose it over the Estee Lauder.
          Another option could be looking at something like glycolic pads. It’s worth paying the same amount for these as you would for a serum. Space NK could be quite good just to go in and see of their options. The pads are like deep exfoliators which can help acne and skin tone.
          Serums can take longer to see an effect. They really work to change the overall appearance of your skin and texture. I hope that helps!!


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