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Jennifer Lopez makeup: Billboard Latin Music Awards


Ever since seeing Jennifer Lopez at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, I was desperate to create a look inspired. What I am going to show today as well, is the difference between taking a makeup photo on your phone, and taking it on a camera. If you are looking at this post on your laptop, again it will look different compared to when viewing on a phone.


My go-to foundation is Nars sheer glow. I love for two reasons: it keeps my oily skin matte whilst still allowing a slight sheen, and the colours match my more yellow skin tone. Having said that, I was given a bottle of Estee Lauder Doublewear and this is what I have used for this look – I did have to mix the colour slightly.

Using my first and middle finger, I swept foundation on, in an up and out motion. Use the top and middle part of your fingers (if that makes sense) rather than just the tip. I then went in with a buffing brush and blended around.


Jennifer Lopez’s eyebrows are quite round and with a fuller arch than mine. I tried to make mine full without being too strong. The key here is light, feathery strokes. You want to continually be going in and out with the brush. The arch is the most significant part of your eyebrows. You can completely re edit the shape here. Generally, it should be the darkest part when filling in. I used a Bobbi Brown eyebrow brush with a dark brown eyeshadow.


As always, I prep my lids with foundation and powder. Be sure to press powder right into the crease. I started with a matte cream eyeshadow across my entire lid and then applied a white shimmery one, to the inner corner. I noticed on her eyeshadow, the pigment of the white/cream, falls slightly under her inner corner and blends out under her eye. This is a little trick to brighten your under eye and create more of a glow.

I used my all time favourite bronzer: Guerlain terracotta, and with a small round eyeshadow brush, blended along my crease. I made sure the colour went right towards my eyebrow area. Then I took a warm, matte brown (I believe the colour is called is called currant desire by Estee Lauder) and pressed onto my outer edge. Then with an application eyeshadow brush (think of a fine, flat brush) took this colour along my crease.

After blending, I went back over with my bronzer and then blended again for a second time. Remember to blend outwards with a large, fluffy brush.


From looking at images, her eyeliner seemed very simple. It did a straight-forward line using a black Bourjois pencil. Make sure it is sharp and check that your pencil is soft so it glides well. I find inexpensive eyeliners much better than the high end ones.

I took my black pencil underneath and drew a line about 2/3 of the way. Then switched to a grey pencil and drew the rest of the line going near my inner corner. Switching to grey here just makes it much softer.



I applied YSL volume mascara and then L’oreal volume million lashes. Mascara that is not brand new will work better with this look. You want the lashes to be soft with as little clumping as possible. You can take a tissue and take some of the mascara off your wand, if you notice it is quite wet.


I decided to put on my concealer just before I did the contour. I stuck to my regular Make Up For Ever cream camouflage palette. I took the concealer slightly down my nose, under my eyes and around my cheekbones, above my lip and slightly on my chin.  I normally go under my eyebrows as an extra highlight, but felt that would take away from the bronzed eyeshadow already there.


I took a contouring shade and did my usual contour. J.Lo has amazing definition on her face. To try and make mine look more defined, I took my contour quite far down. In addition, I applied a tiny bit either side of my chin and around my forehead.

Next was my warm bronzer (the Guerlain terracotta) which I went to town with! I blended right on the cheeks but made sure I left a good gap where my concealer was applied. I mixed in a pink blush which when blended with the bronzer, went more peach. Adding a hint of blush just warms the cheeks.

As you can see, my bronzer is strong on my forehead. If you have a smaller one, don’t apply so much. A good tip is to not go any further than past the centre of your eyebrow. You want the middle of your forehead to be bronzer free.


Of course, J.Lo is known for her glow. Because my skin is oily, I avoided any kind of liquid highlight and instead opted for a shimmery, cream coloured eyeshadow. This went on my cheekbones, slightly down the centre of my nose and above my lips.


The colour on her lips was more nude than mine. However, I really wanted to go for a nice coral/pink. To start with, I used my favourite nude from Charlotte Tilbury called Kate. Then I applied an almost peach colour from Dior no.354. And finally, I went over the top of that with some Laura Mercier lipgloss called pink pop.

When adding the lipgloss, do like J.Lo and take a tiny amount just over the top of your lip. Too much, and someone will think you have messed up your application.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look!


Just to show, the left is a phone photo. As much as my phone camera makes my skin look great, it doesn’t show pigment and colour in the same way an actual camera can.

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