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Jyolik runs an Instagram account : jyolik_alwayscravecute, which has amassed over 16k followers in less than two years. If that doesn’t impress you enough, her photos receive well over a 1000 likes in less than a day and her posts routinely have anywhere from 300-500 comments per photo.

It’s not hard to see why. Her food – or should I say artwork, incorporates healthy Indian cooking with exotic smoothies and delectable treats. You seriously have to see how she makes a grilled sandwich  – macaroni cheese stuffed anyone?

With a new blog created – recipes all broken down, I wanted to find out more about her as a foodie and what tips she can give for her social media success.

How did you get into cooking?

“My mom was a wonderful food maker, which made me become passionate towards cooking”.

What does food mean to you?

“Food is a form of personal expression. It’s a vehicle which brings us all closer as a community. Food is everything to me – sometimes I feel like I am dating food! It is sometimes a healing element to come out of sorrows. Good food is good mood. There is no love more sincere than the love of food, its blissful”.


What’s one recipe of yours that people need to make?

“My family and friends always crave my grilled sandwiches. That would be one recipe of mine that people need to make”.

For anyone that loves posting food pictures, do you have any good tips?

“I prefer taking pictures in daylight and with a neutral background. I love to play around with colours; they can affect the overall feel of the image. I ensure my pics turn out to be colourful – grab the attention of the viewers”.

What tips can you give for building up your Instagram?

“Post quality pics, post often and use popular hashtags. Comment by adding emoji’s (the universal method of expression). The most natural way to build the insta following, is to like and comment on other user’s photos.


Be sure to check out Jyolik’s blog: Jyoskitchen, and stay up to date with her Instagram: jyolik_alwayscravecute. Before you start cooking, take a look – I guarantee you will be inspired!

9 thoughts on “Food Instagram Influencer

  1. I m speechless the way u hve turned out towards me through wordpress. I m very glad about your piece of work. It might sound cheesyyyy but u r the sweetest person on earth. I admire the way u have transformed my pics into a script. U reallyyyyy made my day. Thanks a ton sweetheart 💙💙

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