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Countdown to summer: What people don’t tell you about fitness


For all the love and happiness health and fitness has brought me, there are some things I just didn’t really pay much attention too – until they happened. This countdown to summer edition, will give an honest take on some of the traits that you have to deal with.

Your stomach turns into a bears

If I felt hungry before, I certainly feel hungry now. I wake up and eat breakfast, and then I want to eat breakfast. I’m literally walking and it feels like I am sniffing my next catch. I can smell waffles before I see the stand! What’s tough is that working out makes you more hungry, but you still have to make good choices.

You have days where you want to buy knee pads

Not because you’ve injured your knee, but because you fancy crawling. Leg day especially, I swear I am still squatting as I walk down the stairs! Stretching is so significant. Stretch every time you workout – stretch and stretch and stretch again!

Your friends/family become the enemy

You start questioning whether they really are your friends. I mean, why would you buy me cheesecake? Why! Are you trying to deter me from my fitness goals! Do you want me to feel guilty?

When I do decide to indulge, they suspiciously don’t want too. You’re in an office and you say “I’m going to the shops to buy a chocolate bar”, and they reply, “I just want a bottle of water”. DAMMIT!

It never gets easier

I used to watch workout dvd’s and think how lucky the instructors are. I mean, they are not stopping and sweating like me. They just make it all look so easy. The fact is, it’s never suppose to be easy. I think you just learn to accept the burn; you almost adapt to the pain.

It takes a minute to see change

Ok, so we know this. But that doesn’t stop me looking in the mirror after my workout, expecting to miraculously see a new body. Abs especially – I don’t know what it is about ab workouts. The minute you do core work, you want to see that flat stomach. It’s like – I did not work this hard, for you to not be bothered shrinking yourself! Enough already.

Despite all of this, you will feel happier, stronger, less sluggish and reap the benefits of wellness. Hopefully, the benefits outweigh these crazy points. Anyone that’s working on their health and fitness, can you relate?

29 thoughts on “Countdown to summer: What people don’t tell you about fitness

  1. Yess to the appetite increase and socialising part. My friends keep on shoving cakes or treats to my face yet slapped my hand so quick when i was going to grab the nutella jar from the shelves! They just don’t get that I want to have a ‘cheat snack’ when I actually want to not when they think I should πŸ˜‚ But we all know there’s no ill-intent to it’s all good

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    • Sometimes people just don’t get that you do still indulge, but you want to indulge in your own way. I can eat chocolate and a friend will say, oh I thought you were healthy? But they haven’t seen my entire food schedule right haha. Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

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      • This is so true!!! I thought I was the only one. It always makes me feel a little guilty when having to validate my naughty purchases to them when I have been eating healthy 80% of the time. No worries, I sensed your frustration, whichw as quite funny and I was like Yes! Yes! Yes! with every point you madeπŸ˜‚

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        • You can’t win really. If people see you eating healthy, they say “wow, I don’t know how you eat so healthy”, or “don’t you just ever want ‘normal food’. Then, when you do have something ‘bad’, they act like the health police. Oh well, as long as we know how we eat majority of the time right lol.

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  2. That last one gets me. I don’t really workout often, but I want to. In the rare cases that I do workout for at least a few days in a row, I already want to see change. But I don’t, and that bugs me which is silly, cause obviously it’s going to take a while to see results!

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    • It helps if you look out for the mental changes as well. Think of taking care of yourself alongside looking for definition. Really it all takes a few weeks to actually get the benefits. I don’t think it’s silly, I think it’s a natural thing. Maybe if you do stuff that doesn’t seem like a workout. Like hikes and stuff, if that interests you.

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  3. Lol that’s hilarious! All of these are so true. I keep expecting to wake up the morning after a good workout and see an amazing body with abs and it never happens… maybe one day!

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  4. So true, everything. Boyfriend always give me sweet stuff because he knows I love them and then I’m like ‘no, go away, I don’t want to see them’ πŸ˜€ And then take a minute after every workout to check if that ab hasn’t popped out yet! Loved your post! x

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  5. Haha you will get there! It helps to take before and after pics. Even if you don’t post them, if you take them at the same time with the same lighting, you’ll probably notice changes that you don’t see, when looking in the mirror after a workout. Thank you for reading! x


  6. Soooo true, fabulous post! You’ve got yourself another follower πŸ™‚ Although I will disagree with you on one point – I think it does (or should) get easier eventually, depending on what you mean by “easy.” Sure, working out and eating right is hard work sometimes, and when I started my journey I totally relate to feeling like it’s always gonna be really hard. But now that I’m a little farther down the road I’ve found some non-traditional types of exercise that make working out a LOT more fun and something I actually crave. And as far as eating healthy, isn’t anywhere near as awful as it used to be because my body craves the good stuff (most of the time, that is). Just thought I’d share my two cents to try to encourage you a bit πŸ™‚ But anyways, great post and I look forward to reading more in the future! πŸ˜€

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    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and thank you for the follow!
      What I meant by “it never gets easier”, is that the workouts themselves are not, in my opinion, suppose to be easy.
      When I work out now, I always push myself, but before, I used to wish I could work out and not feel any pain or sweat etc.
      I feel the same as you when it comes to craving exercise now and I like the feeling, after I have worked out. In terms of eating healthier as well, I think your body does start to adapt, and the more you experiment, the easier it gets.
      I used to never eat salad, until I decided to play around with options for example.
      I look forward to posts from you as well. πŸ™‚

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  7. This is SO relatable!! I always check myself out after a good workout, hoping to see results immediately! I wish it worked like that 😭

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