A life in Portugal with Tatianna



Tatianna has over 1,000 Instagram followers. Her page is filled with the most delicious, healthy food; stunning photos of her travelling around Portugal – where she lives, and she has the most flawless skin. I wanted to find out all about her lifestyle.

How often do you travel?

“I travel a few times a year in winter and summer. I travel more around Portugal”.

What are the best things about living in Portugal?

“There are many places with lots of history. Β It is a beautiful country and there is so much to discover and explore. The food is excellent! You have to try it. With so much good food, it becomes mission impossible to have a healthy diet”.


You do manage to have a healthy diet though, what do you tend to eat?

“For breakfast, I eat overnight oats. Lunch will be protein (grilled meat or fish) with a little rice and lots of vegetables. I snack on natural yoghurt with fruit, and nuts. Dinner will be soup or fish and vegetables. I love to cook”.

Does your diet change in the summer?

“In the summer, I love fruits – watermelons, raspberries, figs etc. I eat salads, smoothies, protein juices and detox waters”.


How often do you exercise?

“I train four/five times a week. It’s me who creates my training and food plans”.

What’s your summer style?

“I like to wear a little of everything, but I like dresses. Simple and practical”.

Tell me about your skincare routine:

“I use a cleansing gel and a moisturising cream from Avene. Once a week I exfoliate my face. On my body, I use a moisturising cream with aloe vera and vitamin E. I exfoliate my body with an olive scrub from Yves Rocher. The brand is plant-based”.

What makeup products do you use?

“I use a Body Shop primer, eye contour pencil from Yves Rocher, Primark or NYX corrector, body shop blush and NYX lipsticks”.

Follow her on Instagram –Β Tatianna Carina

Have you ever been to Portugal and do you make any lifestyle changes, when the weather gets warmer?



22 thoughts on “A life in Portugal with Tatianna

  1. Love this! I’ve not been to Portugal – yet – however, when the weather gets warmer, I still have a good appetite and love to go for healthy smoothies (adding more vegetables in there). Keeps me hydrated! – although I also love the odd ice-cream x

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    • I went when I was about 5 years old and I still remember it really well. I can’t remember where I stayed though.
      How many smoothies do you drink a tend? I never know if 1 is enough or is 2 pushing it? I try to balance an even amount of fruit and veg. x


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