Palmers Cocoa Formula body creams: Review


Applying body cream to my skin, is a daily part of my morning routine. With summer now approaching, and our ‘bikini bodies’ potentially being on show, we will all most-likely, be focusing on keeping our skin looking hydrated with moisture.

Palmer’s Cocoa Formula, has always been my no.1 choice. I would say it is one of the most natural, affordable brands out there. When comparing the ingredients to other drugstore products of similar price, I noticed that Palmer’s use less chemicals and include extracts such as: seed butter, leaf juice and fruit. It is certainly not 100% natural, however cocoa is the second ingredient after water (meaning there is a high quantity), and their moisturisers can be: paraben, sulfate, mineral oil and phtalates free. In addition, fragrance is low on the ingredients list.

I am reviewing four of their products – two of them being fairly new, and recommending my ultimate choice. When looking online, I discovered that SuperDrug (, is doing a deal on selected Palmer’s at the minute, with a 3 for the price of 2. Therefore, the prices will all come from their website.


Coconut Oil Formula – with Vitamin E

This cream contains coconut oil, sweet almond oil and gardenia tahitensis flower. It is gluten, paraben, mineral oil, and sulfate free, with no dyes.

Due to this formula being richer than a lotion, it does take longer to absorb and you might want to wait a minute, before getting dressed. It felt like I was using a lot of product just for one application. When I looked at the tub after on the other hand, I realised it still looked brand new, so I would suggest it to be long-lasting.


I absolutely love the smell. It actually smells like holiday – if that makes sense. I have fairly dry skin; the end result left it feeling smooth and well hydrated. As with all the moisturisers, it claims to be 24 hour moisturise. I would agree, because my skin hours later, does not feel dry.

Price: £4.99 – 250ml


Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion – with Vitamin E

This is a lighter version of the cream I have just reviewed. This lotion appears to contain, the most plant-based ingredients, out of the four. Everything from: aloe barbadensis leaf juice, shea butter, fruit extract, soybean oil, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, gardenia tahitensis flower extract, cocoa seed butter, sunflower seed oil and of course coconut. The first three ingredients after water, are all plant-based.

The smell and texture were not as favourable as the cream version. Although the smell is the same, it didn’t come out as strong – for anyone not keen on high fragrance, this is a great bonus.


I did feel that I wanted to apply a second layer. This is probably a mental thing though, as I naturally feel that a cream needs to have a certain richness, in order for it to work. Not only is this an oil formula – in replacement of butter, it is a lotion, meaning it is the perfect solution for someone looking for a lightweight texture.

Absorbing super quick, for anyone that doesn’t use body cream in the morning, or worries about the added time of using one, this lotion is for you. I could sweep over myself, easily and effortlessly.

Price: £3.99 – 250ml


Coconut Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion – with Vitamin E

“Builds & maintains a natural looking tan”.

Because of the self-tanning, the ingredients are not the most natural.

As with all Palmer’s, the smell of this was very pleasing – though not as pleasant as the coconut oils. This was unbelievably lightweight – common with bronzing moisturisers, and absorbed incredibly. The light texture ensures you do not smooth on too much bronzer, in particular areas.

Usually, you would have to buy a 400ml product, in order to receive a pump. This, on the contrary, contains a pump at 250ml. It helps to face the pump downwards and use one hand to cup underneath. This was superb as I enjoyed having the option, of deciding exactly how much product, I would like to come out.


In terms of the bronzing, this really does work. Before going away, I would apply this in the run up. Anyone wanting a tan, do try this. I have asked others, and so far everyone has said that it works. Be careful to apply evenly and to wash hands afterwards; the gradual effect should stop any patchiness occurring.

I have to say, in terms of softness, this butter formula made my skin silky soft.

Price: Currently on offer as £4.00 – usually £7.49 -250ml


Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Skin Therapy – with Vitamin E

The original, the classic; my all time favourite.

After trying the range, I will happily remain a firm admirer of this moisturiser that, “relieves rough, dry skin”, and “smoothes marks and tones”. It is even “dermatologist recommended”.

Paraben and phtlalate free; amongst being suitable for eczema prone skin and soothing after sun exposure – a holiday necessity perhaps?

The smell is sweet and alluring – a true coconut scent; it glides over my skin and absorbs well, whilst still being rich. There is nothing greasy, yet I feel the product gives me the exact texture, that I am after.


I can put on, and not worry about whether the cream will transfer, or whether I will have to let it dry.

All the products, left my skin soft and supple; this formula in my opinion, gives the silkiest feel.

If I really had to find a fault, I would say that the bottle, is not the best. You really have to press it out, despite the fact that there is a high quantity of it left. You can buy the pump version, with a 400ml size, if you would prefer not to squeeze it out.

Price: £3.79 (cheapest out of the four) – 250ml

Disclaimer: These thoughts are entirely my own and not influenced in any way. The products have all been purchased.

Have you used any of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula creams before? Do you have a favourite?

19 thoughts on “Palmers Cocoa Formula body creams: Review

  1. Very nice! I’m pretty sure I’ve used a Palmer’s product before. They are really good for the price. I’m the opposite of you, I think! I need more moisture in the winter and colder months! (in the winter I mix my lotion with petroleum jelly to get the most moisture!). In the summer, I feel like heavy creams are too much with all the sweat and the heat, but I do still moisturize. Anything coconut or coconut oil or cocoa butter is amazing, really hydrating, and smells fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I understand what you mean about needing more moisture in winter. I agree, heavy creams can be too much when it is hot. Because more of more skin is on show though, and because of the sun, I actually tend to make more of a point of trying to keep my body hydrated, in the summer. I’m a huge fan of lotions in general, but my favourite cocoa cream of Palmer’s, seems to be good all year round.
      I love anything coconut as well. Thank you for stopping by. x

      Liked by 1 person

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