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My Daily Diet

I don’t think I am alone, in having a curious appetite, in regards as to what people are eating.

When I created my Instagram, the sole intention was to document my progress and join the community of health and fitness. Naturally, photos of my food were uploaded and I could compare my habits to others, with similar goals.

Unfortunately, ‘clean eating’, abrupted into ‘dangerous eating’; people use their social sites to almost brag about their nutrition. I am hoping this post does not make you feel guilty, or make you worry about your own habits. I try to keep a good balance – some days are far healthier than others. For anyone looking for healthy food/meal inspirations, I will mention some tips and things which I like to do.



The first thing I do, is squeeze a lemon, add a few drops of apple cider vinegar and blend with water. If you are new to the vinegar, only add the tiniest amount to your drink.

Porridge/oatmeal, has been a daily staple in my life, since I was a child. Back then, my mother used to coat my oats in refined sugar and layers of milk. Nowadays however, my tastebuds have accommodated to: oat milk, mango or banana, dessicated coconut and pumpkin seeds.

If I have to be up super early, I will make overnight oats. I have a blog post on ‘6 ways to eat oats’ which you can read here.

Pumpkin seeds are full of protein amongst other incredible benefits and add a really nice crunch. Also great for salads and well…anything. Dessicated coconut adds a nice sweetness without the use of sugar. Oat milk is super sweet (it contains the same sugar levels as almond), so I recommend for anyone who likes their porridge, on the other side of savoury.


Morning smoothie

Everyday, I drink a smoothie. This was documented on Sunday, so I could leisurely make one. Other times, I have had to of made it the night before, or super quickly in the morning.

Smoothies wake me up with energy. Generally, I go for green, because you can sneak in handfuls of spinach and cucumber, without affecting the taste. This one also contained a handful of grapes, a peach and passion fruit.

I did a blog post on smoothie making. I suggest you look for strong tasting fruits. Pineapple, mango, passion fruit etc, have a stronger taste, than blueberries or raspberries. If you wanted to add veg to your smoothie, try and include some good, exotic fruit – usually bursting full of flavour.



In my lazy attempt for a salad, I greeted my pasta with a bunch of raw spinach and dried seaweed. Apple cyder slightly drizzled, is a nice alternative to salad dressing.



I have these baby bowls, which I use for snacks. I mixed pistachio nuts with cashew.



I previously despised salads. That was until, I ignored the set salads menus and started to put together, all the foods that I actually like to eat.

Sweet potato wedges are my go-to. I slice them, cover them in olive oil and generously mix them with paprika and basal. I always cook for 23mins.

I started this salad with a bed of raw spinach. I then added the sweet potatoes with lentils (I microwave tinned lentils and keep them in the fridge for a few days), followed by layering olives, beetroot and dried seaweed.

Dried seaweed has recently been added to my diet. It is high in Omega-3 and has many nutrients, that are really beneficial for vegans.



By this point, my sugar cravings have kicked in. I will either go for a selection of fruit, or make a fruit pot. I highly advise you, to check out my ‘healthy indulgences’ post, where I found a recipe for a delicious mango smoothie pudding. For the post, click here.

This yoghurt bowl I made, is natural Greek yoghurt with mango slices and a square of melted, dark chocolate. I took the opportunity to add to my daily intake, of pumpkin seeds and desiccated coconut.

If you use yoghurt, try and avoid the fat-free versions and instead, look for 100% yoghurt.



Lately, I have been trying to eat more plant-based. This dinner was harissa and lemon flavoured tofu, grilled broccoli and quinoa. If you would have showed me this meal last year, I would have laughed and declared myself, to never eat such bland food. However, the spices and tofu sauce, really made this dish superb.

Throughout the day, I try to drink plenty of water. I always keep water within close reach, otherwise I can forget.

As a disclaimer, this is only one day. Some days are healthier than others.

26 thoughts on “My Daily Diet

  1. I love this post. I completely agree with you when you say that “… this is only one day.Some are healthier than orders”. I already commented with my new blog 😊 but it is not ready yet xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It’s funny because last year, I really got into the whole ‘healthy lifestyle’, but I could barely even boil an egg. I kept experimenting each week and trying to make healthy food tasty, eventually I have started to figure out what works for me. I’m not a chef, but I have come along way. I am sure your meals are delicious.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hey. I am so sorry about the late response! For some reason, a lot of my comments from my followers, ended up in my spam section. Anyway, I think it helps if you have it all pre made – or as much as possible. Just trying not to buy bad food helps as well. If I have cookies in front of me, I will literally eat everyone. Thank you for reading. x

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  2. It’s so nice and encouraging seeing more people changing their eating habits, especially moving to more plant and fruit based diets. I’m still trying, it’s going to be a process but I eat a lot better than I did years, even months ago. I’ll be trying spinach next for my smoothies, and more greens with dinner. I’ve been using kale for my smoothies.
    Also, every other day is a great posting schedule. Gives you time to relax and recharge with fresh ideas after each day

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not completely plant-based, but the majority of my food is. I did it in baby steps. I do feel much better since doing it. And yes, I agree. I can spend more time catching up with blogs as well. You definitely inspired me to make the change.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Baby steps is a great approach, that’s what I’m doing. It’s amazing how most people literally tell you how much of a difference they feel in their body, mind, having more energy. I want that lol. And glad I could inspire✨

        Liked by 1 person

        • You will get there. Cutting down on my sugar was the biggest thing for me. I used to eat loads of fruit but then loads of ice-cream, chocolate, desserts and honey on everything – all in one go. The after results are worth the effort.


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