Makeup: 5 ways to switch it up


With a new season upon us, now is the perfect time to delve into your cosmetic kit and switch up your go-to looks. The photos that I am sharing, are from a fashion show that I did the makeup for, a few years ago. The photographer is Gavin Thorn.

Play with texture

For those of you whose skin is in a firm camp – dry or oily, fear not, when I tell you to play around with texture.

A summer trend this year is glittery eyes and lips. Instead of purchasing a regular eyeshadow, why not try a pigment pot? They come in a range of colours – shimmery and matte, and as the name suggests, they are highly pigmented – an intense amount of colour. These are best applied under a cream eye base and I recommend heading to Mac to purchase one.

For the lips – think gloss. Shine, glitter and sheen, are taking over from the matte lips that have been so admiringly cherished. To avoid that sticky feeling, apply gloss and then dab slightly with a tissue over the top.

If you are using powder products for the face, try adding in some cream. I have oily skin, but I can suffice with a liquid highlighter. I am a big fan of Nars and Becca.


Add a pop of colour

If you are a regular reader of LauziesLifestyle, you might know that I have a love (obsession), with a red lip.

Red does not have to be the only option however. As you can see with the model above, the colour I applied is wavering, to an almost shade of pink.

One beauty trend that has been everywhere lately – Adriana Lima and Lily Collins both rocked it at Cannes. If a bold hue seems intimidating, take inspiration from Bella Hadid and opt for a sheer, coloured lip.


Try new tones

Pink is the ‘in-thing’ of the season – how can anyone forget Selena Gomez at the Met?

The colour can suit every type of skin tone and eye colour. Even better, it can easily go – from natural to jaw-dropping.

You can wear it: as a matte shade on its own, as a base colour with a bronze/copper crease, or with a splash of gold. The possibilities are endless – it certainly breaks up your marriage to brown.

For the model above, I pressed a matte black eyeshadow across her lid – winged out to the edge, with a bright blue blended all around her inner crease.


Take away product

The most simplest and inexpensive way to update your cosmetics; create a new look by wearing less.

Another trend this year is a rebel against contouring and strobing – clean skin. Think fresh, glowy and healthy.

For this model, I used a cream, pressed eyeshadow across her lids, with very simple, black eyeliner. Her foundation was Mac’s studio face and body, which gave a luminous effect.

For summer, try venturing away from anything too heavy on the skin. If you want your skin to do the talking, go for a nude lip and eye with a natural, flawless finish.


Mix colour into your smokey eye

This was all over the Cannes red carpet. There are two ways to do this.

The first: Go for one entire shade. A green smokey eye or a pink, are two of the most popular.

The second: Add a slight mix. You can choose a colourful shade on the lid, and then add a very smudged, intense black line. In addition, you can opt to add black into the outer edges, or a contrasting colour on your crease.

Copyright: Gavin Thorn Photography

Which of these looks or ideas, are your favourite? Is there any you will now be trying?

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