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Why selfies help my fitness


I remember a time when taking a photo of yourself in a mirror, was an embarrassing acknowledgement; you were on your own and without an amateur photographer.

Usually snapped to show a friend your outfit, this mirror selfie craze, has really taken over on fitness social media accounts.

For anyone who doesn’t take these, your brain may be spewing thoughts related to the vanity of it all.

Sure enough, if I was to spend hours a day posing in a mirror and editing myself; potentially I would be self absorbed – beyond recovery. In today’s online society, the question of narcissism, certainly heats up. I don’t think these type of images have to imply that however. If you take it for what it is and don’t obsess about every detail, it’s a useful ‘get-fit’ tool.

My world into mirror selfie taking, started on my quest to take care of myself. Stepping onto the scales was toturous (is there anything worse than seeing your weight has increased) and measuring myself with tape, became fairly dangerous. It led to me breathing in daily, doing everything possible to lose another inch.

The nutritionist Sophie Haslett, wrote for the Daily Mail Australia today, urging “women to stop weighing themselves and focus on how they feel”. Her ideal measurement, is to go by how her clothes fit. I on the other hand, have always struggled to find items like jeans that perfectly adorn my body. Measuring how my clothes fit, would be a confusing gamble.

For the past year, I have documented my body in front of the mirror. That means, documenting the times that I may rather not – that week of terrible indulging! To take advantage of this millennial phase, it’s best to be honest with yourself.

Avoid taking too many snaps. I’ve learnt you don’t get very far, taking a hundred images, that need to be dissected and analysed. Stick to a weekly or monthly update and take them at the same time. Your morning body, will be incomparable to your evening one.

My biggest issue – the most plaguing of insecurities, is my stomach. After my scoliosis, spinal operations, one side of my ribs had to be removed and ‘shaven’. This has led to an uneven appearance, which I believe has made me look wider.

Really, I have a pear shaped physique, and growing up, hips and thighs were not features that anyone I knew, aspired too.

For me, the easiet way to keep on track, is to see my progress, right before my eyes. The images do not always make it to social media. Most likely, they get deleted. The vision of my hard work on display nevertheless, remains focused on my mindset.

Fitness is not all about appearance. If anything, it has made me less anxious on my outer image. I am passionate about the benefits. The better moods, the running energy; my belief within me. Seeing the results, is another way of letting me know, that I am doing everything to maximise these affects. But of course, being more toned is a nice feeling.

As another option, reviewing your weight with photography, can be a less severe scale. Would you consider this method?

18 thoughts on “Why selfies help my fitness

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, I have always shied away from taking selfies and pictures generally of me for fear of people thinking I just loved myself but what a different perspective you have given me. And also it’s made me think I should love myself, not in a narcissist way but a self respect way. Thanks heaps for this post! Xxx

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    • Thank you Nicci. I used to feel the same way. There was a time as a teenager, that selfies were me being insecure and needing attention.
      But I think it depends on how you perceive them. If you analyse for hours and take a kazillion a day, it’s probably unhealthy. But if you take a couple and keep it moving, they are pretty useful. Someone could take selfies once a month, and be more obsessed by that one image, than someone who takes them weekly.
      I agree, you should love yourself. I think people struggle with wanting to be positive about who they are, but worrying whether they seem vain. Self love is an amazing thing though. You should love yourself – in a self respecting way 🙂 Xxx

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