Wear a statement piece


My wardrobe in its entity, consists of a spectrum of neutrals. Splatters of colour peek out, although as Coco Chanel once said; “black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony”.

Statement pieces are the simplistic girl’s way to do colour. These shorts are from River Island; I received them last year in September, but this outing was the first time that I have ever worn them.

I love that they are somewhat high-waisted. They are also the perfect length. I worry about wearing shorts and these ones felt super comfortable. In addition, the pattern makes them very feminine – I consider myself a girly girl.


For me, wearing a statement piece, means everything else needs to be toned down. I slicked back my hair – using mousse, to emphasise my John Lennon style glasses. I stole (borrowed) them from my partner.

Even the material of my top, was much lighter, than my statement shorts. I have a thing about materials. I don’t think the outfit would have worked so much, if the fabrics were the same.


If you are wanting to wear more stand-out pieces this summer – whether that be jewellery, shoes or clothes; you can’t go too wrong with keeping everything else, a one shaded neutral.

This rule can even apply to makeup. I kept my skin, really clear and rather matte. My lipstick was actually a strawberry lip-balm.

The shoes are from accessorize – they do amazing pumps. I have invested in expensive flats before and they have irritated my feet. This pair is super comfy and whilst summer has yet to fully bloom, they effortlessly go with a range of attire.

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