Nude lipstick: How to

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BeautyPlus_20170603171021_save.jpgSome people say that they can’t wear red, others avoid anything that looks too pink; who doesn’t like the idea of a nude lip?

Due to its incredible rise in popularity over the last decade, a nude may seem like an easy, breezy, simplistic choice. Don’t be fooled however; one bad colour choice and you could be heading on the ghost-train. This was a requested post and it’s a guide on how to make it look chic.


Nudes are as personal as foundation. There is a general guideline that you may wish to follow.

For fair-skin: avoid anything too coral or orange. Look for a taupe or a nude that has a pink undertone.

For medium skin: A peachy nude can enhance your features. Look for beigy pink and stay clear of any baby-pinks.

For dark skin: Think of a more dusty-rose. Look for chocolate browns and caramel colours.

Still confused?

The thing is – skin colours are plentiful. Each of those three categories contain a dozen of different shades – including on the lips. Bobbi Brown in my opinion, says it best.

Look at the natural colouring of your lips and choose a shade that matches or is 1-2 shades brighter or deeper than your lips.



I would personally only go matte, if the colour was a couple of shades brighter or deeper. If you love a particular nude but you find it needs more sparkle – head to the satin and sheen range.

Frost is very outdated. That’s the one texture I would highly recommend you avoid. If you really want to experiment, look for a nude gloss to add-on top.


Some people may not like the natural undertones in their lip, or find that their lips will compete with the lipstick colour. Possibly, your lips might contain a couple of different tones, that you would like to even out.

Firstly, exfoliate any dryness. Crack lips in general, never make a lip look luscious. The easiest way is to use your damp toothbrush and go around your mouth, in circular motions.

Next, slather on your lip balm. I think it is crucial that you allow your moisturiser to sink in. It’s best to do this and then continue with the rest of your skin or makeup routine.

Once your lips are ready, use the tiniest (seriously – the tiniest) amount of concealer and dab over the top. Some people like to do powder over this, but personally I find that too drying. If you don’t have concealer, you can use foundation.

Then – depending on what finish you are after – go in with a lip pencil. You want your pencil to fairly match your own lip colour. Tilt your head back slightly and fill in – with sections. Start on the corners and use soft, brush-like strokes. Make sure that your hands are both sturdy, by resting your elbows on something. You can fill in your entire mouth with the pencil, which will not only make the lipstick last longer – it will make for a nice base.


Red will take the colour out of someone’s skin – which means that they need to apply a rosy blush or a good bronze. Nude however, requires general definition. The most classic way is demonstrated by Brigitte Bardot: Winged eyeliner and a defined crease.

Add definition to your eyebrows – whether they are thin or thick – make sure they are well-groomed and filled in. Lashings of mascara works well, as done a good brown or pink on the eye.

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One person’s nude, is another person’s peach. The idea that a nude lipstick must be some type of foundation hue – is a retro way of thinking.

Experiment with textures and colours. Find a product that represents how you would like your natural lips to be. A nude is a colour that blends easily and looks understated – whilst still complimenting your features.

Hat photography: Geoff  Nichols

What is your favourite shade of nude and do you wear it everyday?

12 thoughts on “Nude lipstick: How to

  1. I was looking forward to this post, thank you so much! Totally helped me. 😁 Can you please suggest nude lipsticks for warm, medium skin undertone in both drugstore and high end? Would like to hear your opinion. ☺️

    Liked by 2 people

    • Your welcome. I am really glad that you liked it! In terms of high-end, I am a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury nudes. My favourite is one called ‘Kate’. I also – depending on what you class as medium, think blankety from Mac is really nice. For drugstore, I like the J.Lo nude, from L’oreal color riche.
      Warm skin tones can suit most shades of nudes.

      Liked by 1 person

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