My favourite Parisian dress

aLAU (30 of 39).jpg

Whilst walking along the beautiful footpaths of Montmartre, I came across a French version of T.K.Maxx – designer clothes at a much more affordable price. As I browsed through the headed racks which were so bunched that I imagine a clothes collapse, I spotted this black dress.


aLAU (33 of 39)

Originally, I thought it was too much. As a simple, minimalist type of girl, the colours and patterns seemed overwhelming. Now I see that with so much going on – these kind of Alice in Wonderland style clocks, it is like my accessories and jewellery are already attached. In other words – they are simply not needed.

I have to mention as well, that the style is amazing. It is sleeveless – yet my bra straps do not peek through. The strings at the back to tighten it, make it perfect for cinching in your waist. In addition, it is my perfect length. You can wear it at a table with family, then head off on an evening date.

Dress (5 of 12).jpg

aLAU (22 of 39).jpg

When shooting this outfit, I felt that a red lip was needed. It almost balances my face with the boldness of the print. The man’s blazer just gave a really nice edge.

I have every intention of going back to Paris and revisiting this small, stylish store – it may take a moment to track down. What I really admire overall, is that this is not something that I could purchase at home. I have actually not come across anything similar.

Have you ever purchased outfits from abroad and do you have a favourite?

Photography by: Geoff Nichols


15 thoughts on “My favourite Parisian dress

  1. I love black any season lol I actually had to try getting more colors of clothing because I had so much black or dark shades in general. You look lovely in every picture💙

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