Don’t ditch this classic shade

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So I know on my recent fashion post – I declared war on all-black, by wearing a statement piece, and I have been telling myself (as I do every year) that I should adorn more pastels and colours. But can a neutral girl really give up her favourite hue for an entire season?


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If you get bored with trying to force yourself to wear bright and summery, spend a day (or week) wearing this classic. It’s still – in my opinion, completely chic to be in the hot sun, with such a laid-back, everyday colour.

This dress is one of my favourites – all the way from Pariee. It was in a store, a store that I suppose is a French version of T.K MAXX – where designer clothes are sold for much less. The pattern I grew to love. Originally, I thought it was too much. Now I see that with so much going on – these kind of Alice in Wonderland style clocks, it’s like my accessories and jewellery are already attached. In other words – they are simply not needed.

I have to mention as well, the style is amazing. It’s sleeveless – yet my bra straps do not peek through. The strings at the back to tighten it, make it perfect for cinching in your waist. In addition, it’s my perfect length. You can wear it at a table with family, whilst also heading out in the evening on a date.

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I felt a red lip was needed, to really bring the look together and as typical me – what else but a man’s black blazer (I have a thing about matching men’s clothes into my outfits).

With most things in the heat, it comes down to material. Feel free to wear black, but look for something light and flowy. If you team it with a pretty wedge heel – you are as summery as the girl in white.

Are you happy to wear black when the weather is hot?

Photography by: Geoff Nichols


13 thoughts on “Don’t ditch this classic shade

  1. I love black any season lol I actually had to try getting more colors of clothing because I had so much black or dark shades in general. You look lovely in every picture๐Ÿ’™

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