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Best beauty looks

Since starting my blog this year, I have featured a variety of makeup looks that I love to wear. Here are my favourite.


Everyday Makeup


To me, this counts as a nude lip. The whole concept is based around keeping your cosmetics of a similar colour. The cheeks, eyes and lips, are all a mixture of warm beige. I wear this look, for when I want to look ‘together’ without having too much hassle. Its under my everyday glamorous makeup inspiration post, which you can find here.

Red lips



I couldn’t choose between the two. Red lips are somewhat of an obsession of mine and whenever I feel a bit rough, I reach for this colour.

Both have the same eyeliner, however the first has a brown smokey eye – for this look, click here. Β The second is really about the glowy skin – for this, click here.

Smokey eyes


One of the most requested looks that a makeup-artist can receive. I was super proud of this post, because I did a step-by-step guide – which took forever!

It’s a very classic smokey eye and it’s super straight-forward. I like this look as well, as you can be messy with it. There’s not really a right or wrong. To see the steps, click here

Jennifer Lopez inspired


I grew up with a major girl crush on J.LO. When she had her clothing line out, I would scroll through her website and pick out all the items that I wanted. I’ll never forget being able to have two tops – that looking back – I would not wear now!

Anyway, in my eyes, J.LO is all about the glow. I wore SO much bronzer to create this. Especially round the forehead and it took along time to blend. Most-likely, I will use this post to create this again, many times for summer. If you want to get your J.LO on, click here.

What’s your favourite out of the makeup looks shown and in general, what’s your favourite look? Is there anything you would like to try but haven’t yet?


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