10 Summer Beauty Tips


Add a hint of lipgloss

Lipgloss is the beauty world’s Marmite. For those of you who detest the idea of the sticky balm across your lips, use your fingers to blend. As an extra protection in my bid to stop cracked lips, I apply a small amount to my bottom lip (where you sometimes have that lipstick gap) and smooth outwards. It adds a beautiful sheen, but still leaves a semi matte finish.

Use a facial mist

Facial mists keep your skin hydrated throughout the day whilst adding radiance. Many contain additional benefits. You can purchase the Evian Facial Spray for around £4. One of my favourites is the Lush Tea Tree Water. It’s antibacterial (perfect after gym) antiseptic and helps remove excess oil. It costs £8.95 for the large 250g or £4.75 for 100g.

Avoid applying equal amounts of foundation

During the heat, I think most of us want to keep our skin as light as possible. Understandably however, we have skin concerns that certain cosmetics kust won’t cover. The solution is to divide your skin into ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Areas that are relatively clear or that you are comfortable with – try to cut back on the amount of product. Likewise, for problematic skin – add layering. For women, the chin and around the nose tend to go red due to hormones – something to consider when applying.

Switch your powder brush to a powder puff

I suffered with severe oily skin for a decade and I had a huge sense of relief, when I made this change. Summer can exasperate our facial oil and cause us to smother ourselves in powder. Puffs allow for a far more concentrated application and that in itself, reduces the risk of shine. You can then use the excess on the puff, for less oiler parts. Puffs can actually be very hygienic. After every day or two, rinse with soap and water, squeeze out excess and then wrap up in tissue. It should be dry by the time you wake up.


Swap your beige for brown

I love a smokey eye and in the summer, it’s my secret weapon. Because I don’t like putting too much makeup on my face, I used my eyes to add some definition. Browns can be very wearable in the day and can easily add glamour in a few short minutes. To keep it looking fresh, find a brown base colour that’s warm and not too contrasting with your skin tone. Then choose a shimmery (or just much lighter shade) to go in your inner corners and in your inner crease. Finally take another brown ( the darkest) and blend throughout the rest of your crease.

Tie your hair back

I know many people don’t like having their hair up, but in the heat especially – excess oil from your hair can affect the skin on your face. Even if you just stick to half up-do’s, it can make a difference.

Cut back on exfoliation

If you are out in the sun a lot, it’s advisable that you reduce your amount of exfoliating. The reason being – you can remove some of your skin’s protective layers – increasing your risk of sun damage. I personally like using a lighter daily scrub during this season and rely more on steaming and face masks to help my skin.

Purchase a facial sunscreen

The one’s used on the body can be too rich for the face. Nowadays, facial sunscreens can be incredibly light-weight and contain other benefits such as priming the skin. The other option, is to make sure your moisturiser or foundation etc, contains SPF. Note that SPF versions will be more lightweight.

Correctly eye prep

I always mention that I use foundation followed by powder – when prepping my eyelids. This is one eye proof method, otherwise – use an eye primer. People are very aware of cream based shadow which can last longer than powder, but what’s great is a cream based shadow followed by an eyeshadow pigment pot. Mac do the most amazing range and they are very strong in colour, blend superbly and really keep in place.


Glow correctly

With the oil breaking out onto your skin, you need to be more careful with where you place your shimmer. Avoid the T-zone area and apply: under the eyebrows, inner corners of your eyes, cheekbone and above your eyebrows in the centre.

Let me know what your own summer beauty tips are and which one from my list is your favourite.

33 thoughts on “10 Summer Beauty Tips

  1. Those are some great tips!
    And your skin looks so glowy, it’s amazing 😱 I need to know what you have used hahah
    My main summer tips would have to wearing sun protection and also keeping the makeup to a minimal.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think a great gloss goes a long way in the summer! I am a big fan of my hair up in the summer too… I hate having sweaty hair stick to the back of my neck and can go a lot longer between shampoos if it just pull it back.


    • Hey Abbey, two of your comments ended up in my spam folder – no idea why! I’m replying late now I know, but I wanted to comment back. And sorry about the delay!! Thank you for reading and I agree, I hate sweaty hair. My hair annoying gets oily quick so I do end up washing it quite a bit.


    • So there are quite a few facial mists. I really like the Evian one which you can purchase in Boots. I am also a fan of the Lush one which lasted me quite a while. I spray every few hours or whenever my skin feels dry/dehydrated, or I just need a little pick-me-up.
      You know it’s funny you mentioned that. I used to NEVER burn. I would almost brag about that point. Karma came around though and a few years ago, I suddenly saw burn marks from the sun. I suppose I have quite naturally tanned skin. I try to rely on products more for glow and only stay in the sun for short bursts of time.
      You don’t have rubbish skin though! I have a lot of acne scars that lighting and makeup cover up well. x

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