Increase blog stats: How to utilise platforms


During a conversation with a good friend of mine, I explained my bewilderment over how many people from countries around the world, have viewed my blog. Then, I started paying attention to my referrers’ and inspecting exactly how people are linking onto my page.

With WordPress itself, being the obvious and far superior route to attracting visitors, it is by no means the only way. Revealing the biggest platforms that help me to increase my stats, I am going to share techniques that I like to imply.


Nearly 600 of my 8.5k views, have come from this social media site. In comparison, it might not seem a large deal, but that’s 600 people who may have never discovered my blog.

My Instagram has around 3.7k+ followers, from where I have invested time into building up an account. This means – taking the time to write genuine comments, like images and to post daily. I have written a post on how to grow your Instagram which you can see here.

What I think is essential, is to continually find new pages to follow. For every person that clicks onto your Instagram, they most-likely read your bio. If they see a blog page link, curiosity can strike. I love viewing what others are doing. This is why it’s a good idea to find other bloggers. Search hashtags such as: #lifestyleblogger, #fitnessblogger, #blog, #blogger etc.

The second tip would be to write about your new post in your caption.  Again, don’t just tell people. Offer an added reason. If for example, you have written advice; write a small section which can tantalise the reader to wish to know more. I personally, like to include a good quote on all of my images. I feel that it is a good way to bring an association of positivity.


My second most popular platform for blog viewing figures – I don’t even have a Facebook.

When I do interviews and articles, any one involved generally promotes the post, onto their accounts for their followers to see. This ensures that I am expanding to a wider audience of whom I might not have potentially reached.

If you do have a Facebook page, check your bloggers to see if they have one too. Connect with them on Facebook to establish your page as prominent. If you are on the latter and prefer not to create one, it might be worth devising guest posts to help make your blog have influence, on a mix of social media sites.

Search Engines

This is the scary one – what on earth do people type to come across Lauzie’s Lifestyle?

Firstly, check your slug. This is what makes up your URL and you can find it under post settings. It will be the title that you named your post. Take away any irrelevant information. For instance, if your title is “How I managed to grow my Instagram account”, change it to “How to grow Instagram”.

I suppose this comes under SEO (search engine optimisation). I am no expert, nevertheless from research – using keywords and being straightforward, can help to make your blog go further on Google.

Another technique is to write an excerpt. It is a snippet of information that can hopefully tell the reader what to expect, whilst also making them keen enough to read. Picture it as a summary. My opening sentence and title, do not always showcase what the post entails. This is a useful tool that many magazines use.

Web searchers may not be familiar; they might not know your style. For anyone entering onto your blog, it’s significant that you use good paragraphs, clear headings and an easy to read format.


Admittedly, I do not use this enough – which might explain why it has far less views than my Instagram. Twitter is great in the sense that I find it easier to build up a following and to find other bloggers. The downside is, your tweets can be yesterday’s news – in about 30 seconds.

Keeping on top means seeking to retweet others and to keep engaging. I disagree with using mail because unless it is a genuine message, it can read as spam.


I am going to write about wordpress, just excluding the reader.

I have noticed that having a gravatar helps and so does commenting and awards. When you go to the top right corner, you will have the option to choose a photo and this is where you can upload and create with gravatar. When clicking on the image, they can come onto your gravatar page which you can use as an advertisement to then click onto your blog and social sites.

Awards and tags have helped with expanding my views. I know some people prefer not to take part, but for me, it is a great way to be active in the community, to show support and connect to others bloggers, as well as further my outreach.

What’s your best tip for getting people to click onto your blog? 

27 thoughts on “Increase blog stats: How to utilise platforms

  1. Great informative post, you have given me some ideas and things to think about! It seems to be a question on every bloggers lips, how do you grow your blog and how do you drive traffic towards it so I have found this really useful. Thankyou xxxx

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  2. Thanks for the input 🙂 I do get a lot of traffic back and forth from Instagram, which is great. I don’t really want a facebook page but i made one for my blog just to have it. I don’t have a twitter and don’t ever want one! lol okay maybe one day. Anyways, thanks for the tips!

    -Helene ❤

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  3. I really appreciated this article. I’m brand new to blogging and although passionate completely unsure on how to go about being sucessful. This was helpful and increased my knowledge on the topic. If you get the opportunity please take a look at my page and follow. Alot of great things to come on the topic of fitness and motivation. Along with some general well being post. Thanks in advance !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m happy that it was helpful. I advise using social-media, but also just contacting other bloggers. My one regret was spending too much time on writing posts and not enough time on commenting.
      I would be happy to check out your page. x


  4. Great post! I’m new at this-have created a WordPress blog and a Facebook page but can’t seem to link the 2. If I blog on WordPress is there a way that it automatically updates Facebook page? Laymans terms please….am a total novice! 😜Thanks!

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    • Hey, don’t worry, when I first started, I did not have a single clue!
      To add your Facebook to your blog homepage, you go onto customize which is next to themes, select widgets and then depending on your theme, you have options like sidebar – basically where you want your Facebook link to be placed. Once you choose where, you can scroll down the widget options until you see Facebook and then add your link.
      I know with twitter, you can automatically update and I think you can with Facebook, but I am not sure how because i dont have a Facebook account linked to my blog. Sorry I can’t offer more help but I hope what I have said helps!🙂


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