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How to stop liking food

Grab a bowl:

Fill it with dried seaweed…

Proceed to eat…

Or you could just have 1 Brussels sprout!


I’m trying to continue my life of healthy living. But these reasons below, make food so stressful. I sometimes question if society has secretly wrote a manual against food lovers. Why is eating such a pain, when you decide to ditch the unhealthy?

Salads are a rip-off

You mean to tell me, that this bunch of leaves in a small box is worth £6 – because you have put two mouthfuls of fancy salmon inside?

My other option – the blandest looking veg, with a serving of a high calorie sauce, or the salad that’s really a decomposed sandwich. In which case – why am I not eating a sandwich?

Cafe’s offer every delicious ‘bad food’ going. You try your hardest to stay “clean”, but your other options are limited. Even the muffins are saying – we don’t blame you for picking the ‘bad food’!

Healthy packets spill everywhere

Will there ever be a day, when my pumpkin seeds don’t dance in my cupboard? Will the quinoa ever contain itself to its packet?

The pegs are not strong enough. I need to invest in glass jars. And just pray I eat them all before they go off. (Remember to buy stickers).

Don’t ask your friends to be healthy

If you inform your friends that you are going to start taking care of yourself, they will usually be supportive. That is until you go for dinner together, or somehow end up eating at the same time at the same location – then you need to indulge.

You need to live a little – right!

Don’t ask them to try a night of healthy food though. You will be looked at, as if you have just asked them whether they would like a bowl of seaweed or 1 Brussels sprout.

Healthy recipes soon add the “bad”

You finally find a good recipe that you actually have all the ingredients for – most ask for all the vegetables available at your supermarket.

But then the recipe you find, starts giving you the option of adding cheese,  milk and chocolate etc. Suggesting these great delights, they put in brackets: (Optional). You then decide that you do want these things – they are not optional.

And then you think – is this healthy? Have I just added enough cheese to cover a family pizza? Should I just have pizza?

People tell you that veg is their treat

I understand fitness competitions – people have to eat very specific.

How disheartening however, when you upload your healthy meal, only to see someone has uploaded something similar and called it a treat.

Potato, veg and chicken = treat! Well, I am just a living a life of lies – pretending that I am healthy. What’s unhealthy about this combination?

The healthy food braggers

Those people who have blogs and dedicate entire categories to health and fitness. What do they know?

Check out my health and fitness category for more wellness related articles.

Disclaimer: I am not a sarcastic person.

What are your food struggles, when you are trying to live healthy? 

15 thoughts on “How to stop liking food

  1. I love healthy food and I think I also eat yummy food, but I also think it’s a change that your palate has to make. And also keep enjoying your favorites. For me, that’s wine and cheese. I can’t live without those two things

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  2. I always hated that “healthy” food was kind of expensive while you can get a cheeseburger for $1 and then they want to talk about obesity. Smh. I’ve been trying to eat much healthier but sometimes you have to eat what you can afford, and sometimes you’re just still trying to fight off the cravings lol.

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    • It’s the convenience of unhealthy food as well. It’s cheap and it’s everywhere you look. Unless you come prepared, you can be left with hardly any choice if you want to be healthy. Cravings are hard but I say to enjoy the treats but cut back on them and add up on healthier. Easier said than done I know!

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      • Yeah that’s what I’m doing, cutting out the junk slowly but surly and enjoy them every once in a while. It does get a lot easier with time and dedication ✨

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    • I’m glad you understood this. When I wrote this article, I wanted something on fitness that’s humorous. Because everything is mainly motivational and every once in a while, we need to laugh right!
      I agree – everyone’s fitness journey is different. We just have to try our best right. x

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  4. Lol I love this, Laura! This is so great and so, so true 🙂 Why does the universe try to make healthy eating impossible? Btw- I’m typing out this comment as I’m having lunch, which is currently a smoothie and a salad. But! I actually took the time to carefully and lovingly prepare my salad and smoothie, only adding ingredients that I like, and only a little bit of oil and seasonings as the dressing. Plus, there’s a little bit of cheese, deli chicken, and a hard-boiled egg for protein. I swear, this is the only way I can eat salad! Otherwise it’s so gross and I’m starving afterwards! 😦

    I hate that cafes have such expensive, unhealthy, pitiful food! I don’t like it! and I am one of those “healthy food braggers” lol but I also make it quite clear that I eat fast food all the time! Why I just had pizza last night heehee and it was amazing~

    -Helene ❤

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    • I suppose if healthy food was a convenient and cheap as fast or unhealthy food, companies would lose big business.
      Your salad comment made me laugh. I too, lovingly prepare them with ingredients that I like. And I need to have a little bread or something, to actually make it all appetitising!!
      The problem with healthy food in the cafe’s – like you said – is that you spend a fortune and it’s pitiful. It makes people think that salads are all you can eat, when really there are so many ways you can eat better. We need to open our own place one day, called the healthy food braggers 😀 x

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      • That’s actually a great idea 🙂 I’ve been wanting to open my own cafe/coffee shop/deli/bakery but I’m not sure about starting my own food business lol maybe one day when I have more money to hire people to help me 🙂

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  5. I love healthy food, and even though most days I do eat healthy I think you still need to treat yourself! I am also a vegetarian which makes my healthy living really hard sometimes when I go to eat out, it’s such a struggle to find actually tempting meal which is vegetarian and healthy.. ☺️

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