The choker trend


After the choker movement of 2016, these necklaces seem to have found a permanent home on millennial necks – I read that this is a ‘young’ trend.

This year, the emphasis has been more on ‘dainty’ chokers – subtle and elegant. Despite my absolute love of them as a child, it is only now that I have decided to wear one – post childhood.

They conjure up the memories of my primary school disco’s. One in particular; I wore a long sleeved Tammy Girl top – which had an animated character in the centre with lots of sparkle, I had my hair done in my favourite half up-do and I had on a diamond looking choker. The perfect accessory to finish my outfit.


I still feel that way now. As uncomfortable as they can be, I love putting them on. I guess I Β have waited so long to go back to them, because I questioned what kind of sophistication that they would have in my now twenty-something wardrobe. As a child, I wore them to be mature. As an adult, I’m wearing them to be fun.

Whilst the trend is still going, I will happily adorn them, as part of my accessories. I have never been someone interested in jewellery, so this is a big exception.

What is your view? Have you started wearing choker’s since they came into fashion?

35 thoughts on “The choker trend

  1. I love this! I’ve been sticking to mostly black chokers at the moment from miss selfridge but I should probably venture to something different πŸ™‚ The flowery one in your first picture looks so nice, where’s it from? Your hair looks lovely when it’s pulled back too chick, they work well together xx

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    • Thank you! I go through ‘hair phases’ where I want to have it a certain way for weeks and then I completely change.
      It’s actually from Claire’s accessories. I haven’t bought anything from there in years. But they have chokers on a buy 2 get 1 free (I think) and there is a good selection. xx

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  2. I can’t say I have any experience wearing a choker myself. But I remember when chokers became a big thing in 2016. Some of the women I talk to still like to wear their chokers when they go out. Depending on the choker, it can either make a woman look sexier or classier – best played with context.

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    • Yeah I think the choker trend is still around, just not as big as it was last year. I agree, depending on the choker, it can make a big difference to a look. Thank you for stopping by. πŸ™‚


  3. I’m a fan!! When I was younger we had the plastic ones!! Now I have a few velvet ones and I just love adding it to an outfit. Some aren’t as comfy as others like u said but a definite keeper for me 😘

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  4. When they were super popular last year I didn’t want to wear them, just because everyone was. But now the trend calmed down and I got some of them and I have to admit that they look great. xx


  5. A trend that came when we were young and now it’s back. I use and love, but I’m sincere, I only like the simplest ones. The one you’re wearing on the first photo is beautiful! You bought where? The chokers add a special touch to any outfit xx

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    • I’m jealous! I actually wish I kept a particular choker I had my childhood. I feel that I would still wear it now. Fashion definitely repeats, but I still find myself throwing away out of style items and then regretting it. πŸ˜‚


  6. That golden choker looks beautiful on your complexion. I love that subtle makeup look you created.πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ˜
    Initially I was a bit skeptical, but then I started wearing chokers. I have a lace choker, a classic black one, and one chain choker. They are real fun! 😊😊❀❀

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  7. I love chokers! I couldn’t wear them when I was a kid because I literally felt like I would choke. Now a days I am obsessed with them, I love to wear more than one at once to give my outfit nice final touch. xx

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