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Black smoky eye – How to


Black smoky eyes; sexy, glamorous and smouldering. Many people go wrong, by going too dark and potentially mimicking an image of a panda – as cute as they are!

For a classic smoky eye, be sure to check out this previous post, where I gave a step-by-step guide.

Before I began, I stuck masking tape either side of her eyes (imagine doing a line from the end of your eye, to the end of your eyebrow) and then prepped the eyelids. If you have glimpsed at my previous beauty looks (I have a specific category of them under Beauty), you may know that I always use foundation followed by loose powder – press the powder in, to prep the eyes for shadow.

The first colour I used is a cream shaded powder which covered the entire eye area. Following on from this, I pressed black gel eyeliner, just under the crease. This helps to intensify the lids.


Once blended, I went over the gel with a matte, black shadow. After it was blended, I took a matte, beige colour and with a big blending brush, swept over the crease.

Although the image is of a black, smoky eye, there are a range of colours secretly lurking. Colour is crucial, as it adds dimension and brightness. I personally would avoid using any grey – especially on darker skin colours, as it can display a washed-out effect. If you use colour though, it is wise that you also use the black gel eyeliner, as it provides the perfect base.

I decided on putting shimmery purples and taupes, along the inner crease. In addition, I put a matte, brown tone across the entire crease, a cream/beige at the inner eyelid and white, sparkling shadow, at the inner and outer corners. Inexpensive eyeshadow tends to work better for dramatic, smoky eyes, as the pigment is looser. Generally, far messier, however, the shadow can tend to be bolder.


The next step was to remove the tape and blend the edges. The final section of the eyes consisted of smudging a dark brown underneath and a shimmer below the eyebrows.

To finish off the look, I wanted the skin to be very dewy and to have a nice glow. I contoured bronzer, swept a pink onto the cheeks, with a creamy highlighter on the cheekbones. Β Lashings of mascara were added as well as false eyelashes. I skipped the lipliner and stuck to a nude lip with gloss.

What is your favourite kind of smoky eye and would you wear this look on a night out?

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26 thoughts on “Black smoky eye – How to

    • If that is the case, the trick is to let the black just stay on your base and avoid any near your crease. Then use a bright highlight under the eyebrows and a really warm shade in the crease.
      If you want to try the look, take baby steps by first putting black just near the outer edge and slowly adding more in, each time. x


    • I think it’s important with black, just to add a lot of colour. You need good highlight and something warm – like a bronzer in the crease. Cool tones do not suit me all over, So I do that and it makes such a difference. Also, adding the white or gold at the inner corners. xx

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      • Oh, lol well the wig looks great on you! And your makeup skills are amazing! BTW- I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. I’m finishing up the post now,and it’ll be published in about 30 mins or so (you’re tagged in it) xx ❀

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        • omg wooow I am tripping! holy cow I totally thought that was you!! Heehee I am so sorry! The wig totally threw me off, and to be fair, I haven’t had my coffee yet (*sips coffee*) heehee well, beautiful model and makeup and ignore my silliness please ❀ ❀ xx

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        • Haha girl – you drink that coffee! It is ok, I will let you off. If you accused me of being a girl that had not brushed her hair and had messy makeup, we might have an issue πŸ˜› I think I am actually getting my hair cut tomorrow, I’m not daring enough to pull off that colour wig though! x

          Liked by 1 person

        • Heehee you’re so funny! I’ve always liked the color combo of light blonde and black, but you’re right, not everyone can pull it off! I bet you could, though! πŸ™‚

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