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Time and time again, I have read that you cannot spot reduce. You cannot change the dimensions of your body, no matter how curvy or slim you become. Our only solution is to pray that our figures are on-trend, or invest in a marketing gimmick.

My waist-to-hip ratio has never been the issue. As a matter of fact, it is a celebrated part of my body. I do occasionally wish that my hips could be shorter, as my waist seems to become drowned in them. My main concern is proportions. My upper body has always been far smaller than my lower half.

Even at the age of 8, it was incredibly noticeable. Glancing at my holiday photos in Greece, I decided that my thighs were big and I had no chest. By the time I reached 18, I had to accept that the hourglass and I were not to be.


Statistics suggest that only 8% of women can truly consider themselves an hourglass. The rest of us may be classified as: rectangle, apple, an inverted triangle or pear. In today’s society, this might not seem like such a bad thing. Curvy models are becoming more popular and high-fashion models will generally promote a natural rectangle. Despite the influx of variety, to me body shapes are still plaguing millions of people worldwide.

One of my best friends was born incredibly slender. I was somewhat envious growing up, as Western culture presented the idolisation of size 0. She on the contrary, hated being so ‘skinny’ and her body became an open discussion. She tirelessly had to defend herself. “You need to eat more”, “I wish I could be as skinny as you, but I love food too much”. Her diet includes more food than mine, yet I have never had to stand up for myself, in the way that she has.

Weight-training has been on the rise; most-likely due to social-media. Every so often, I encounter a post on someone who once did cardio but now lifts weights. Because of this, they have a nicer physique – their derrière is more pronounced. It perfectly coincides with today’s fashion – praying a person informs you that your ‘bum looks big’. I am certainly not against weight-training and believe it is a fantastic form of exercise. In addition, the lifting movement has taken away the fear of women gaining muscles and turning ‘manly’.


Where my fear lies, is in the judgement of people who would rather find other workouts as opposed to lifting, as well as the pressure to have a body of a person who lifts – as that is now hugely desirable. Secretly when I upload my overly confident ‘fitness’ snaps, I often wonder how many scrolled past and thought – this girl needs to pick up a weight.

Just a few months ago, I opened up my DM to receive a message from a girl thanking me, as my kind comments had made her feel better. She had a ‘troll’ write horrible remarks on her appearance. Even though she routinely documents her progress with health, she was targeted as she is not the stereotypical image of what a girl on Instagram should be. When I first joined the site, I was nowhere near toned (look at my transformation post) and I feel lucky enough, that people were inspired by my journey, even when I was at the beginning. I am to this day, not a representation of an ‘Instagram influencer’, however I will continue to upload and motivate, as my life has changed.

No matter how much we promote fitness inspiration and healthy lifestyles; there will always be a specific trend. My hope is that one day we can just accept health for what it is. We can encourage anyone to eat more nutrition and increase movement. We can equally praise health, whether that is a healthy apple, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle or hourglass.

How much pressure do you feel to be a specific shape and are you happy with your physique?


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25 thoughts on “Body Shapes

  1. I’m a total pear shape, never had “any” boobs ahha. I just think that no matter which shape you are if you are happy and comfortable in that body it is the sexiest shape there is haha. I feel like social media sites do put too much pressure on us to look the way it is “the best”. But who knows what is the best, we all have our preference to the way we look right? xx

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    • I agree and if you think about it, there is no such thing as a perfect body shape, because the trends change so often. If there was really a better type, than it would never really change.
      Being happy and comfortable is definitely sexy! xx

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  2. Loved this! But, you forgot the cone/ inverted triangle shape! haha – that’s me! I love though that you discuss that the fitness we see now popular on instagram is another trend of what body shape we should strive for! Like you, I think it’s fantastic that lifting and gaining muscles is more accepted/ tolerated, but because I do have the inverted triangle shape, I do look much more masculine than the avg. instagram lifters, and I think people still judge (too skinny, too muscular, not fit enough, too vain) no matter your efforts. So, I hope that we strive more for accepting all body types, all forms of exercise, and that we love and take of our bodies. Great post!!

    Natalie |

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    • Apologies, I have added the inverted triangle shape now. Lol – I knew there was one that I was missing!
      I agree, I think fitness is about acceptance and pushing yourself, so people should not judge and stereotype so much. Thank you for reading! x


  3. All women should feel pride in their body. In the society in which we live nothing pleases anyone, that is, if you are thin, fat or fit will criticize you. So it is to be as we like to be. Today the trend is one, tomorrow will be another. We should look at ourselves with confidence. Health is a precious commodity. Your body is beautiful! Xx

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  4. I love your pictures, gorgeous! 💕. I think as long as you eat healthy and you look after your body, then you should be happy because at the end of the day everyone’s bodies are different 😄.
    On a side note, have you promoted your blog in any Facebook groups before? I have just started one called Blogs In Bloom- I would love to have you as a member 😄 . I have a blog post about it if you need any more information, thank you 💕.

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  5. I teach Spanish, and I had my kids read about the trends of figures since the 1900s in our Beauty and Esthetics Unit. We were discussing the definition of beauty. In the end you just have to be you, and not worry about what other people say is pretty / acceptable.


  6. Thank you for posting 🙂 In today’s society, it’s too easy to scroll through the ‘gram and see an endless sea of perfect bodies. Yes, the definition of what constitutes a “perfect body” is changing lately and opening up to include more body shapes and types, but there are still a select few body types that are widely considered to be “better”. It’s hard to learn not to compare yourself and learn to love your own unique look. The stuff that you post helps, at least it helps me 🙂 Thanks for posting xx


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    • I think the problem is, we are now embracing fitness, women lifting, curves etc. But again, they are very specific. We have an ideal on how a girl should look who lifts, or how a girl should look who is curvy. So even if you do fit the ideal, you might not be classified as ‘perfect’.
      I always think about Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Two completely different looking women who both have their own type of beauty. Trends will always come and go and what is sad is that when the body trends change again, all these people who are ideal now, may feel insecure.
      I completely agree with you, it is so easy to look online and question ourselves. I am really glad that this has helped. xx

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      • That’s an excellent way of looking at it, thank you for sharing your perspective 🙂 Indeed, it did help ❤ You're always good for that! xx

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