I chopped away my hair…

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”.

-Coco Chanel


The last time I sported hair this short, I had a plastic beaker, frilly socks and a love for Thomas the Tank Engine.

For a few months now, I have hated the amount of layering in my hair. Waking up, it looked like my strands were trying to run away from my scalp and I had to blow-dry them back in. Before this layering, I had a very minimal routine. So much so, I am sure that magazines would class my technique as ‘French’.

It simply involved using an expensive, natural shampoo and conditioner, washing in the evening, tying into a bun and then unravelling before bed – I cannot sleep with a bun in my hair. I would not use any product and I cancelled my colouring trips to my salon. This effortless movement made my entire scalp feel healthier and in return, glossier locks appeared.

Post-layering – a regretful hair decision, I required styling tools every day. Even trying to create a bun or ponytail became a nightmare and flicks would just stick out left, right and centre. This process led to me dreaming up a plan to simply chop it all away.

I had shoulder length hair a few years back. Whilst I enjoyed it, all my family and friends make a boisterous plea, begging me to never cut it short again. I obliged and counted my blessings that my hair seems to grow back rather quickly.

Long hair on women, tends to be portrayed as the most desirable. Every time I have had a cut that chops a considerable amount of inches, there is always a group of people telling me that they “loved my long hair”.


I do believe in the power of a hair cut nevertheless and I assuredly feel a new sense of awakening. In other words – I love you. No, in seriousness, I feel a sense of release. Making such a bold choice physically, can really spring your mind into action.

It use to be about ‘beauty’ and trying to have the best look possible, to make me the prettiest possible. That may sound conceited, but it is equivalent to being told that you would be far more attractive if you kept your hair long, than if you decided to cut it all off.

This new cut however, is not about trying to be prettier. I am sure that it will receive mixed reviews with many preferring my previous style. It is about being confident enough with me, to be daring and to experiment. Some may say that it is just hair, but to me, it is a drastic, physical change and it is one that will take some getting used to.

I feel now that I am older and exercise, I have a more defined face and my acne has gone, so maybe I should let my features stand out more. Worst comes to worst, I will wait for it to grow back or purchase a wig – extensions even. After all, it is just hair right?

Have you ever had a drastic hair cut or change? How important is your hair to you and what length do you prefer it?


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72 thoughts on “I chopped away my hair…

  1. You are looking amazing! 👏👏👏
    I am crazy about my hair. I avoid using chemicals at all on hair. I have colored them only twice in my life. Use natural shampoos and conditioner. Twice a week I oil my hair for deep conditioning.💖

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    • Thank you!
      You hair looks great so what you are doing is clearly working. I am glad that I stopped colouring mine. It looks so much healthier since I stopped and I agree about the natural shampoo’s and conditioners. x

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      • I dont know what is it with my hair and coloring them. The 2 times I colored them I got greys! I think there is some kind of consipiracy theory with hair color brands. I dont find them honest. I go for natural hair colors like henna based or something. But unfortunately I have a lot of hairfall.

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        • After dying my hair black, I used to go to a salon and do semi-permanent, as I was told that it was less harsh than full. Every 6 weeks though, despite doing exactly what they recommended, my hair look in a bad state – far more than what it should in 6 weeks!
          I guess each to their own. At least you know now to avoid the hair colour brands and you do have a beautiful, natural shade. Henna based sounds good and I might do that if I go back to dying my hair.


        • You have a new refreshing look now! And you look very comfy about carrying it! ❤👍 Henna based hair color I think are the best alternative. Although their lasting power is not that good. Requires frequent trips to salon. 😄 But for the sake of hair I have to do it! Thanks for discussing☺☺☺

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  2. You look gorgeous! It suits you so much. I had long hair all my life and the second I left school I cut it all off and had never felt so fierce and free. It’s amazing what a haircut can do for you! I always looked more ‘desirable’ with longer hair but didn’t necessarily feel it, when I cut it off I didn’t care about how I looked anymore because I felt so good and like I could take on the world (that might sound silly though). Great post! X

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    • It does not sound silly at all! I can completely understand and since this cut, I have felt a sense of freedom and power.
      It is about how you feel and what keeps you feeling alive. As much as I love long hair – maybe I will even grow it again, I think it is so important to embrace change.
      It is amazing what a haircut can do! xx

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  3. Omg, I love your haircut! 💗
    I cut my hair really short around 6 months ago and even though many people told my they liked my long hair better- even the hair dresser kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to cut them that short.. haha
    But anyways, I was super happy with my decision and honestly I just needed a change! Oh and they are super easy to manage!

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    • Thank you girl!
      I think it is great that you stuck to your decision. I don’t know why people have such an obsession with women needing to have long hair.
      It is easy to manage but I do need to style it and usually with mousse. Otherwise it awkwardly sits flat on my face and I look like Dora the Explorer haha. But it is amazing when I realise how much quicker it dries and easier it is to wash etc. x

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  4. Whenever I feel like a change in my life or whenever I start a new chapter ( for example going to university last year) I will always change my hair style weather it’s cutting it or changing the colour. Short hair looks good on you and since it’s summer I just think it’s way better than having long locks!

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    • Thank you! I am curious to see whether I get used to it short or whether I grow it out in the winter.
      I think changing your hair when you start a new chapter is a really cool idea. It is almost like changing mentally and physically together. 🙂

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  5. I had done a pixie cut on a whim 3 years back, and I remember how liberating it felt to trade my long hair for a shorter one. I suddenly felt a lot more in control of my own life, sort of like a girlboss! And short hair suits you as well as your long hair did. ☺️

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  6. You look so cute with your short hair! I’ve always preferred my hair longer, just cause I feel like I can do more styling with it. However, it always takes forever to dry which annoys me. It also tangles a lot and breaks since my hair is quite fine. I’ve been considering cutting it shorter than I usually do lately, just to shake things up. And after all, it’ll grow back right? 🙂

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    • Thank you Angela!
      My hair is quite fine as well and it does tangle quite easily. I also have to wash it routinely because of how oily it gets – apparently a symptom of fine hair – hopefully you don’t have that problem!!
      You have beautiful hair but there is no harm in cutting it a little shorter than usual, just to see what you think. x

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  7. It looks great! My hair is long-ish so I never style it. I just pull it up in a bun to get it out of my face. That’s not cute! Wth? Lol I like your short haircut. Very inspiring!

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    • lol I am terrible at styling my hair! I can barely even do a good bun so just resorted to making it look ‘messy’ on purpose.
      Long hair doesn’t need styling and there is nothing wrong with pulling it into a bun. 🙂

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      • You’re right! Nothing wrong with messy buns for sure! But I’m a hairstylist and I feel like I should at least attempt to fix my hair every once in a while! 😂 but I get so hot when it’s down and I’m working, and it gets in my face when I bend over to shampoo or wax. Buns are just the best! ❤️

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  8. Wow, it’s like you’ve read my mind. I have been contemplating lately whether to cut my hair or not and was going to make a post about it, haha! My hair’s shoulder length and gets a lot of compliments, but I also want to experiment and cut it short. It’s always scary going to the hairdressers and not knowing what kind of haircut you’ll leave shop with! By the way, you look gorgeous! X

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    • Thank you!! Cutting hair can be really daunting because if you do not like your hair, you can get insecure about your image. I noticed that with my long hair, I liked scrapping it all back, so I thought going short would not be such a shock for me.
      I say go for it! Maybe even take baby steps with cutting a little further away when you for your trim. I am sure it will work! X

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